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Hate David Archuleta?

Why does everyone suddenly hate him? So he screws up one time... I mean, the other contestants have had pitchy problems too... Like Ramielle, she forgot the lyrics as well! I mean, no offense to those people who hate him, but they sound like they're being too hard on the kid... I mean, there are past contestants who have screwed up, and David Archuleta is one of them...

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    no way! I love him!!

    a) he's real cute

    b) he's got a GREAT voice

    c) he's got a great personality

    How could anyone hate him??? he's absolutely adorable!!!!

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    you are able to hate me for asserting this yet each and every time he sings, and actually stable, its sluggish boring songs. I cant think of somebody procuring his album because of the fact it might in simple terms be so boring. whilst he sang a rapid track he forgot the words thrice and on idol provides returned he tousled the words on seasons of love. david prepare dinner, whether, is unique, proficient, and unique. to no longer point out sexy.

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    I have never liked David Archuleta..his voice is absolutely incredible, but he seems insincere and pretentious to me. His personality is blah and boring. He's probably going to win seeing as all the 12 year olds are going to call in and vote for him because hes 'soo cute hehe' one hundred times and I don't think its fair.

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    Well I gues everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    some peope might just not like him, period.

    some might love him, period.

    I bet he lost a few fans because of his performance, but obviously hes safe forr now.

    I also think he gained a few fans because it shows he isn't perfect (all of his performances were pretty close to perfect before).

    So just worry on your opinion and if you really want him to stay in the game keeeeep voting! :P

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree

    one mess-up doesn't mean anything to me

    Im still voting for hiM!!!

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    1 decade ago

    he is not worth hating

    just a kid

    being at the top is a curse though

    the only one I dislike is David Cook

    cuz he is a faker

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    1 decade ago

    Bwahahahahahaha(points finger and laughs at the American Idol droolbot)!!!!

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    nah i don't think anyone hates him, in fact evry1 seem to like him and yea so wat he screwed up big deal! prroves tht no ones perfect...

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