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Give me your all time best collegiate starting five?

Bonus for solid analysis.


wm - great players but this is a starting five and you've got 2 centers and no point guard. I'm looking for a team you could actually start and put on the floor. Bobby, we're talking alltime players period, not individual teams.

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    G- David Thompson. Could leap out of the Gym and could hit from all spots on the court. Great defender.

    G- Pete Maravich- Pistol Pete could do it all and could not be stopped on offense. Pretty to watch, like an artist. Avg 40+ points a game one season

    F- Magic Johnson - yeah I know he is a guard but I could not leave him off the top 5. He even played Center for the Lakers when Kareem was hurt so there his is a forward. He changed the game and the way the point guard position was played. Great court vision and could post up the small guards and could blow by the big guards. A matchup nightmare.

    F- Larry Bird (see Magic Johnson) Without a great supporting cast he took a team of nobody's and made him somebodys. Magic and Bird will forever be linked together.

    C- Bill Walton He did all of the intangables a team needed from a Center. Great rebounder and outlet passer. Smart defender. He only played three years because Freshman at that time could not play.

    Honorable mention: Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Kareeem Abdul Jabbar, Oscar Robertson, Shaq, Patrick Ewing, Jerry West, Isaiah Thomas Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, Darryl Griffith (Dr. Dunkenstein), Danny Manning, Tim Duncan

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    Lew Alcindor

    Pete Maravich

    Oscar Robertson

    Bill Russell

    Bill Walton

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    Lew Alcindor. UCLA 1969. Lost 2 games in 3 years and won 3 national championships. Changed college basketball forever. We know him as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, one of the best to ever play the game. I beleive about 26 a game and over 2,300 for his career in the NCAA.

    Oscar Robinson. Cinci 1958. He was college player of the year three times in a row, in which he was the leader scorer, all three times. Around 35 a game. Came out of college and won a gold medal with team USA.

    Christian Laettner. Duke 1992. Also known as Mr. Clutch. Only player to start in 4 consecutive Final Four's. Won player of the year and a gold medal with team USA in 1992.

    Bill Walton. UCLA 1974. Also won player of the year three years in a row. They had a 88 game win streak with him at center. He won 2 national championships.

    Pistol Pete Maravic. LSU 1970. He hold the NCAA record with 44.5 points per game. 3 Time All American and player of the year in 1970.

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    The Fab Five Michigan- Webber, Howard, Rose, King, Jackson

    UNLV- L. Johnson, Butler, Augmon, Hunt, Anthony

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    "CENTER - Lew Alcindor, UCLA."

    "Power Forward - Larry Johnson, U.N.L.V.."

    "Small Forward - Grant Hill, DUKE."

    "Shooting Guard - Pete Maravich, Louisiana State."

    "Point Guard - Isaiah Thomas, Indiana."

    "BENCH - Oscar Robertson, Cincinnati. Bill Walton, UCLA."

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    Lew Alcindor (Kareem) - C (college monster, nuff said)

    Bill Walton - PF (second only to Lew in the paint, had a better "short to mid-range shot)

    Adam Morrison - SF (penetrator and shooter)

    JJ Redick - SG (pure shooter, not a good pro)

    Magic Johnson - PG (great passer, and at 6'9" hard to cover)

    Source(s): Don't kill me, I know JJ Redick really has no place there, but he was a great shooter. Sorry, I forgot about Pistol Pete. (Pete in, JJ out)
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