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why does my vagina hurt/burn?

last night my vagina felt fine before my boyfriend and I had sex. we used a condom but now the next day my vagina hurts/burns i cant really sit down without it hurting or feeling that way. its really annoying. any ideas what it is?


nope he never ****** another chcik before me.. idk could it be a yeast infection?

Update 2:

all the other condom we used (different brands) never caused me to be like this lat night we used a new brand of them and now i feel this way. is there anyway to help the pain before i go to the doctor?

Update 3:

yes i did get dry last night while we were still having intercourse. how long will this last?

Update 4:

thanks Sally i'm thinking thats what it is. the brand of the condom is called crown anyone fimiliar with it? and for the burning sensation..anything i can do to make it stop? or atleast be less noticable?

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    Get tested.

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    Did you get dry or anything while you were having sex?

    This happens to me every so often where i'll dry up a bit and after I kinda hurt. Its just an irritation, I know what your talking about with the sitting thing, whenever this happens to me and I go pee after, sitting on the toilet feels like theres pressure like pushing down in my vagina. I dunno if thats whats going on with you, but it might be. Goodluck!

    I would say a day or two. Honestly, a good way to get rid of it is masturbate. It'll really help with the pain, cuz you'll be naturally lubricated. It shouldnt take that long to go away though. Usually by the next day I feel ok again

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    well hi my name is emely nice toi meet you.Well instead of making excuses go make your self an apotment before its to late you should always when having sex cheek yourself.You always have a healthy realtionship with your self.Go cheek your self beacuse it can be somthing really bad like an infection or somthing.or it can be that you had a reation to the condom you are using.And when you get dry having sex still is not the safest thing to do

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    Whoa! Sounds like you're allergic to "Spermicide" Try using comdoms with NO SPERMICIDE and see if it still happens. I found out a few years ago I was having the same symptoms, and it was because of spermicide.

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    This is nothing 2 worry about.....its a friction time use lube or make sure hes gets u really wet to prevent friction rub

    Source(s): had same problem
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    Could be a urinary tract infection. Go to the doctor. Get tested. It could be something simple.

    Condoms are NOT 100% effective.

  • it sounds like you might have an infection you should go to your doctor and get tested don't be scare just do it to be on the safe side ..........well good luck

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    Sounds like early signs of STDs. Has your boyfriend ever ****** another chick recently?

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    Maybe he was thrusting too hard or something. If you are in that much pain, I would definitely see a doctor.

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    maybe you have a urinal infection? or yeast infection? or you developed a sudden allergy to latex or an std? Condoms are 100% effective.

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