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Do You Think Marijuana is a Gateway Drug?

In nobody? In some people? In all people? In weak people? Explain why you think the way you do.


Funny people who say yes.

And those who say know, mostly have personal expierence with it.

Hmmm. Wonder who's right :)

Update 2:

no, not know (wtf me lol)

Update 3:

Say yes to all people.

And why are you calling me ignorant?

Update 4:

I think it can be, in some people. I've known people that have gone years just smoking pot, others who only smoked for a few years and were soon addicted to hard drugs. I think it depends on if a person has an addictive personality.

Update 5:

Everyone over the age of 30 in my family was or is addicted to something. Yes, everyone, both sides. However, it isn't always a gateway drug, but is is sad when it is. People with additive personalitys and do not have the will power to only smoke should not be smoking. But of course, that'll never happen. I'm sorry for your losses and I'm glad you are recovering.

Update 6:

Gateway to hell? Literally or figurativley?

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    I believe marijuana can be a gateway drug for some. it depends on the person. I smoke fat blunts everyday and just about all my boys do to. the reason why ive used other drugs, which have just been pills when im clubbin, is becasue my people who i hang with not only smoke daily too, but also sell drugs. its my enviroment and usually those who do one drug, or can get drugs use that easy access and get themselves drugs. marijuana doesnt neccesarily lead someone to harder more addicting drugs. its the easy access, and daily visibility of weed and what else is out there that makes other drugs seem so acceptable.

    also, drugs are harmful, but its the person who are really the harmful ones. a gun isnt dangerous itself, its the person behind it. drugs cannot get into ur body magically. its our choice whether or not we get high, some withstand it others like it. it alll dpeneds on the person- for any situation we are all diff. again, marijuana can be a gateway drug. depends on the person

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    It's only that way for certain people, who I think would have tried the hard stuff eventually with or without weed.

    I've known people who have smoked for 30 years plus, and never tried anything harder. Saying it's a gateway drug is just another falsehood the government anti drug people try to sell us.

  • Jimmy
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    All of the people I know from High School who used marijuana moved on to other drugs at least for a while. I know one who used marijuana regularly and occasionally uses other drugs along with it (putting heroine on his joints). It probably does not affect all people, but from what I have seen, I would say it is a gateway drug for most people.

  • Tigger
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    1 decade ago

    I'm over 30 and have never used it.

    Drugs are a gateway to hell.

    People have to learn to say no.

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    Although it may be the first illegal thing that most kids participate in, it's legality does not make it a gateway drug.

    Tobacco and alcohol are the gateway drugs.

    And if you want to talk about gateway substances in general, sugar and caffeine are the first addictive substances we're introduced to as children so they could be considered gateway substances also.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i smoked weed quite consistently for over a year and never experimented with chemical drugs. i tried shrooms twice and salvia(legal) a few times. i know a LOT of people who haven't strayed from marijuana, who have been doing it for ages. however, i know a lot of people who have. it depends on the person, the people around them, stressors, etc. a lot of things factor in.

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    I have seen quite a few people start with it and move to others so I would say yes but as fare a who, I am not able to judge but I have seen very smart people get more stupid every day they smoke it.

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    In some people, apparently. They would be weak, in my opinion. I've known people who have smoked for most of their adult life and they've not moved on to other drugs.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Only in some people. Only some dealers will have other drugs to offer and they'll suggest. Some people would take but not all.

  • Janet
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