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The US economy is collapsing at warp speed, and the major topic discussed on political boards is sex scandals?

What does this have to say about the US electorate?

Gold hit a $1000 an ounce today. Oil is marching to $120 a barrel. The USD lost 1.5% value on the currency exchange over night. The FOMC issued $200 billion in treasury notes to cover subprime mortgage holdings in private banks. Home forecloures are up 62% from a year ago.

And the major concern here today seems to be the sex life of the governor of NY, teenage girls, or whether or not so and so is a racist.

I wonder how many problems could be avoided in this country if people would learn to avoid red herrings and actually research some of the issues that actually effect their lives.

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    Pathetic isn't it.

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    That is no different than any other day. Personally, I have responded to questions pertaining to many different topics because I feel like some people need to be set straight on their warped thinking. I've learned that the nitty gritty issues like the economy can't really be discussed here until after approximately 10:30 a.m. I don't know why, but it seems like before then there is nothing but infantile trolling going on. You are right, we all need to get more serious about the issues effecting our lives and that includes the economy. I also think most people avoid that topic because there isn't much they can do about it, and it only reminds them of how tough things are.

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    My major concerns have been the war and the economy from day one and it has amazed me that so many people are more interested in the sex scandals.

    I asked a question yesterday about the stock market and the feds with only one person taking the time to answer me.

    Unfortunately, many of my questions concerning our current economy have been answered without understanding what I was actually trying to get across.

    My grandson has been making western jewelry and needed some materials from a local small business. The small business makes and buys wholesale "conchos" to make western belts. The owner and I start speaking about the prices of everything rising and how it was affecting his business. Luckily, his son designs "conchos" as the price of both gold and silver has risen so much that they may have to stop purchasing "conchos" and just make money from his sons designs. He had a bin full of silver "conchos" marked 20% off as they were not popular designs. He picked up one and told me that its $22.95 value would cost him $55.00 today. It takes several "conchos" to make a belt and at those prices who can afford to make belts?

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    Because, if you have been following the economy for the past twenty years or so, we haven't had a major correction in a while. Also, the housing fiasco is brought on more from consumers buying too much house than from actual bad loans. Finally, since the savings rate in the United States has been tanking for the last twenty years we no longer have the capital to continue the growth that we have had in the past.

    People like you want a quick fix instead of letting the market teach people that there is risk to any investment including home ownership and that the Government shouldn't bail out the general public since this would not teach people to be more fiscally responsible. I am not worried about the inflation since I have seen the cost of goods stay stable from the late eighties until about two years ago.

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    Collapsing? The American People grocery shop in frozen food aisles, with cellphones resting in their front pockets. The Stock Market is about to hit 20,000 within 11 months. Our pets eat better than half of the world. Economically, we are the wealthiest people that will ever live.

    Source(s): Avoiding Koolaid.
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    Issues do need to be discussed. At least they are posting about the present. Most here when they do post about politics,are stuck in the 70s,80s or 90s.

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    Yes, but you left one out. How about the Baseball and Football scandals. People going up before congress should be the people that got us into this mess.

    The scarry part is that this is all happening so fast.

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    This is what happens when our government spends more than what it has. This is sad. It is going to get worse, this batch of presidential candidates will make it worse, all of them. All they want is to buy your vote by, spending tax money on thousands of social programs and doing whatever it takes to keep their power. All the sex scandals are are the icing on the cake.

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    1 decade ago

    You will find a broad range of people on boards, some are more ignorant than others. I agree that someone's sex life, or tapping feet in a mens room really shouldn't interest us.

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    Like the Wizard everything but "Ignore the man behind the curtain".

    If they only had a brain...

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    wow - TV is dumbing america - rapid fire news for entertainment only. I think 60% of the country lives in a media induced fantasy world

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