Help! BABY COMING! I need to know what the average cost of clothing is.?

why type of clothing does a newborn to a year old child need...?


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    HI! Let me recomend that you hit a thrift store in your area. You can find nice clothes for a fraction of the cost if it was new. For those that can afford new clothes usually over buy outfits. Then they dress their baby in that outfit once or twice. Then to the thrift shop it goes. I live near several "rich" communities and the thrift shop sells Tommy Hilfiger, Carter, Old Navy, Children Place and so on for $.25 to $3.00. NO JOKE! There is no shame in a good deal! And my daughter looks great!

    Source(s): You will need approximately for a newborn: 5 onesies 3 sleepers (footed) 2 "out on the town" outfits (babies don't go out to often) a couple of sweaters and tons of blankets
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    It really depends on where you live, what stores / brands you purchase and the variety / amount you desire. I wouldn't go crazy getting a lot of cutesy outfits for in the beginning. You are better off just investing in short sleeve onsies ( I prefer Carters over the others) and sleeper outfits. These are the most comfortable and easiest to get on and off. I am not sure where you live but if you can get to a Children's Place they have great one piece jammie sleepers that zip up instead of snap. That makes it much easier for late night changes. Expect frequent clothing changes during the day with feedings and diaper explosions. The amount of clothing you have will also depend on how often you do laundry. I don't like doing laundry and tend to buy extra clothes to last me longer. When my son was home during the first month I did a load every other day. Now that he is 6 months I do laundry every weekend because he doesn't spit up as much nor does he have as many diaper blow outs.

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    You can spend very little or as much as you want. There really is no average. If you shop yard sales and ebay, you can buy a lot for little money. Or you can spend thousands. You will need a few onesies in each size, a few sleepers/gowns, several pairs of socks, a lot of burp clothes, several outfits, a good pair of shoes for when they start toddling (recommend pedipeds $30), blankets, a coat and hat for cold weather. It just depends on how you want to dress your baby. I buy a lot from ebay and that way my kids are always well dressed in the brand name clothes but I don't have a lot of money in them, they grow out of clothes so fast!

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    It just depends on how thrifty you want to be. You can easily spend tons on pretty little clothes. Newborns mainly need alot of onesies and sleepers. I bought all those cute frilly little outfits( that are just so darn cute) but your baby really doesn't get to wear them at that age. If you shop around, clearance racks, Goodwill, Second-Hand Baby stores, yard sales-you can cut down on clothing costs. I would say from regular department stores outfits range from $8-30. Yeah, so just try to buy things that are on sale. Plus, have a baby shower-you will get tons of stuff that you need.

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    It depends on where you live. Is it cold? you'll have to spend a bit more more jackets and blankets. If it's warm onesies work really well when they are little.

    Start looking for bargains and buy stuff of different sizes. I was so worried about the clothing too, but what I did was buy since I found out I was pg and whenever I saw things on sale. Also my friends got me LOTS of clothes for the baby and then my best friend threw me a baby shower and I got tons of stuff. People love to buy baby clothes, so chances are you are gonna have plenty.

    I also started buying since day one diapers, wipes, etc, whenever I went grocery shopping.

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    depends on the time of year. During the summer months they need onies and blankets. and light but warm P.J.s

    During the winter they need warm clothes. Why not look on line for clothing and walk through a store for ideas on how much it cost. If money is an issue friends and family and normally more than willing to give their baby clothing away.

    Good Luck

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    It all depends on where you live and what season the baby is born. We live in FL and our baby was born in July, so she pretty much just wore diaper shirts or onesies and we swaddled her for naps. Even now that she is older she just mostly wears onesies, pants, and socks. It all depends on your taste too. I don't dress my daughter all up like a doll, we go for the more comfortable look. Also, we got a lot of hand-me-downs from family which helped a lot. The best places I've found to get cheap new clothes are Target, Old Navy, Kohl's, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, you can almost always find them on sale and if you buy for the next season in advance you can find them on clearance. You can also find good used clothes on eBay, or, or at a local thrift store or garage sale. Good luck! And don't go too nuts buying clothes, they grow out of them soooo fast!

    EDIT: And it seems like everytime I put my daughter is some "nicer" clothes she either spits up on them after she eats her solids (so it leaves a nice stain) or she find some way to poop so much it comes out the sides/top/back of her diaper, lol. :)

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    Cost of clothing depends on where you shop....Goodwill vs Baby Gap....for the first year you will need mostly one piece outfits that snap from toe (or crotch in the summer) to neck (for easy diaper changes)....things with collars tend to get into the baby's face until they are pretty mobile...

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    it is not that hard look at the clothing they say newborn some say 0-3 months either or get one of them most in likely the ones that say newborn

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