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Slug asked in TravelAsia PacificMalaysia · 1 decade ago

Still no MB for Perak?

Here's the link

To keep you guys up-to-date regarding this fiasco

1. Lim Kit Siang objected to the PAS rep as MB

2. PKR will pull out from the coalition because DAP supposed to get six exco posts and two for PKR and PAS. Now it is 8 for DAP and 1 each for PKR and PAS.

What la DAP.


Just imagine if Barisan Rakyat (PAS, PKR and DAP) won the majority.

Total chaos and anarchy.

Thank god (whatever you believe) that scenario didn't happen.

Update 2:

If Barisan Rakyat won, whose going to be PM?

Anuar? He can't cause of the 5 years thing.

DAP? they don't have the experience in managing a state let alone a country.

PAS? Many won't be comfortable with that.

Thank your lucky stars and count your blessing.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    DAP is so greedy like my atuk said " macam Belanda mintak tanah" kind of attitude. not good for the state though. i can watch near my office police officers guarding the SUK untill late night in case there's a riot happened.

    becouse of DAP impossible agenda, the condition in Perak is quite frightening and i myslef feel unsecured . hopefully this matter can be resolved as soon as possible laa.. susah cari makan ini macam loh officially Ir Mohammad Nizar from PAS will become the new MB. below is his biodata:


    ACS kampar, then Teknik persiaran brash , Ipoh. A level at Norwich City college of Arts & Technology Norwich, Norfolk, England. Have degree in Science Mechanical Engineering from University of Ashton, Brimingham. Can speak english, Chinese and Tamil fluently.

    Working experince:

    Had been working with JKR workshop and quarry department, Pembangunan Pembangunan Bandar ( UDA - Daya Urus) and Perbadanan Kemajuan Pulau Pinang.


    1983 - Projek Dayabumi fasa 2 & 3

    1984 - Pusat Islam ( BAHES)

    1985 - Wisma Darul Imam, Terengganu

    other several projects in overseas, UK, Thailand, Miano Italy .

    Family - 8 childrens

    1st - BA syariah frum Mut'ah University, Jordan

    2nd - Tahfiz graduate from Mut'ah University, Jordan

    3rd - Tahfiz graduate from Damsyik University , Syria

    4th - 8th - still studying in various education institute in the country.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I taught that they settled this yesterday?? oh no... I think that stuffs arent gonna be gud in perak...


    I dun think its just about DAP.. Both DAP and PKR seems to hv cause the trouble.. But PAS seems ever sooo quiet(

    You serious gh??

    BTW, I hv a good feeling that ur paid for these.. BTW, are there many people who are actually satisfied by BN, if so, the election results wont be like this.. And besides.. it was only that bcoz DAP won the majority(not against DAP, they are fine, but everyone makes a glitch at times.. I mean, it wudnt be fair on them if a PAS becomes an MB).. had it been PKR or PAS, this wudnt happen(look at sgor and kedah and klante).. about Pinang, its bcoz they are already majority chinese..

    In other words.. all the faults bcoz DAP got no malay as a DUN candidate

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  • 1 decade ago

    DAP is not the troublemaker so is PKR. The culprit is PAS. They threatened to align with BN if their demand for the MB post is not met. PAS wants that post for their own political mileage NOT to serve rakyat. They always have this Islamisation on their mind. At the moment that objective is placed at the backburner in order not to alarm the non-Muslims. DAP and PKR are the perfect donkeys being taken for a ride. You should read Husam's comment in Malaysiakini about Kedah. He said PAS wont introduce shariah drasticly. It will do so gradually.

    PAS won only 6 state seats therefore the post of MB is the perfect vehicle to launch its ambitions and expand its influence in Perak. At the moment, BN is watching the drama with glee, waiting to jump at the opportunity to co-operate with PAS thus getting back their powerbase.

    Kit Siang should know PAS philosophies and values but he never learnt from 1999 debacles where he lost his state and parliament seats because of DAP alliance with PAS. Guess that old fart never learnt as the saying goes 'you cant teach old dog new tricks'. If this post goes to PAS, come 2012/3, DAP shall get 2008 tsunami in return. Be afraid, be verrryyy afraid. hahahaha

    Source(s): alternative media. read alot read alot to gain knowledge but having knowledge doesnt mean a person is educated if one cannot form his own ideas just like Pak Turut/ Yes Man No Man.
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  • Al-Fiz
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    I agree with you. If PKR, PAS and DAP formed the Govt., the economy in Malaysia would go downhill.... Too bad, the people let Perak falls into opposition hands. Opposition party like to sweet talk their way into people hearts and now we see , they cant even elect a MB.. No cooperation between parties and we expect them to build the nation... Ridiculous..haha... :-)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Perkembangan terkini

    "Berdasarkan perkembangan terkini, bahawa kelihatan DAP, PKR dan PAS tidak mencapai kata sepakat yang ketara dalam hasrat menubuhkan kerajaan yang stabil bagi negeri Perak Darul Ridzwan.

    "Oleh itu Duli Yang Maha Mulia Pemangku Raja telah bertitah supaya angkat sumpah jawatan Menteri Besar Perak yang dijadualkan petang ini ditangguhkan,".

    Bagaimanapun kenyataan itu tidak menyatakan bila istiadat itu akan dilangsungkan.

    Source(s): i want Mr. Ngeh as my state's MB!
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  • 1 decade ago

    why hurry?

    there is a long and winding road ahead. think hard b4 action.

    they don't even hv time to celebrate yet.

    for 'em, there is more joy than argument. that explain PAS's behavious.

    give 'em time...better to be late than regret. people suffer for the mistake leaders make...

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  • 1 decade ago

    If we think BN teruk, I think DAP and PKR are the worst case scenario.

    They are babbling about coalition, bang BN and UMNO, talk about that la and this la, but the truth, they are no better than any BN or UMNO.

    Go cleanse and purify themselves. Please.



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  • 1 decade ago
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ALL of the available options for voting ARE bad. But there's a ranking of 'badness'.

    Source(s): I'm 15 now and watching all the stupid(no offense okay?) parties now, I think i'm gonna start ma OWN party in the future. I'm learning what are the downs of every party so that I can make my future party clear from ANY of those 'deformities'... -no offense okay?-
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  • 1 decade ago

    canceled la today.

    PKR ask one more exco... i'm not sure its true or not

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