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Why people hate Israel so much?

Who should be blamed on the dispute between Israel and Palestine?

Did Israel did wrong compared to Palestine who produce terrorist?

Most of the countries support Israel or Palestine?

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    Israel was founded on land taken from the Palestinians and then occupied the Left Bank and Gaza in the Ten Day War. They have continually stolen, and established settlements on, the most productive Palestinian land. Now that the Palestinian territories have areas have been reduced to unviable concentration camps which can only survive with assistance from outside, Israel continues to terrorise the populations with constant air and ground attacks, assassinations and kidnappings.

    Palestinians' puny attempts at retaliation are used as excuses to continue the carnage. A recent suicide bombing (a few deaths - less than 10), the first in 18 months, was used as the pretext for attacks which killed over 1,000. Israel's depredations have also mean't that they have control of essential services in, and access to, Palestine and periodically, just for a bit of sadistic fun, electricity, water etc are cut off and access for UN food and medical supplies denied.

    All of these activities are, of course illegal which makes it no surprise to find that the US and Israel (complicit in this) are among the few nations which do not accept the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice or the International Criminal Court. The UN has passed countless resolutions calling upon these two to stop their illegal acts but these have been ignored.

    Both of these nations, in an effort to 'justify' themselves, claim that the Palestinians have vowed to drive Israel into the sea. While some Arab organisations did take this stance, the Palestinians, and subsequently and consequently the Arab League (including Iran despite current US rhetoric) accepted the UN position that the solution was two states on internationally agreed borders over 30 years ago.

    If you want to know what is really going on, do not trust US or Israeli mass media which are completely government compliant.


    Israeli information Centre for Human rights in the Occupied Territories


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    You can't just add the word ''terrorist' to any crazy belief you have and expect people to buy it, the Palestine/Israel issue is far more complicated than a few ''terrorists.'' This is a dispute that has been going on for 60 years now, before ''terrorists'' even existed. Besides, some consider many of the things that Israel does as State Terrorism- for example Israel's indiscriminant bombing of civilian targets in Lebanon in 06, and Israel's excessive use of force against the Palestinians (a look at annual death tolls shows nearly 10 times the number of deaths on the Palestinians side.)

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    I have no reason to hate any country first of all, just the wacko's living and running them I detest. I feel sorry for the women and children, and even men living in some of these countries, not their fault they were born there and have to suffer, it's a shame when human life has to be so poor and they waste their lives living that way because they have no other choice. Count your blessings for the keyboard we're typing on, when most of them have never seen a real fresh piece of cooked meat, or an actual pair of shoes or jeans.

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    humorous you may ask, on PMSNBC right this moment, all they did became communicate approximately "hate speech" of conservatives and how it may be slienced. it is not any longer against the regulation to hate Israeal, nor could it is against the regulation interior the U.S. to talk out against issues politically. whether, you may bear in mind, maximum Israel haters crying approximately their loose speech are additionally the comparable ones asserting dissenters could be silenced because of the fact it is hateful. I hate to show out the glaring--however the correlation between the two may be got here upon repeatedly returned.

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  • The United States supports Israel. Of course there are a few crazy people here who would say otherwise.

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    nope Israel was not stolen from Palestinians.

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    Israel has 3 big supporter: USA, GB, & Australia. and maybe Japan. Israel snatched other's land, killed ppl with rockets & hi tech jet but what palestinians have to fight back?? Israel got crazy belief~the crap thing about their holy temple

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    I believe a more prudent question would be "what KIND of people hate Israel" vs. "what KIND of people support Israel".

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    they have been there a long time, as slaves, remember? and they aren't intitled to a piece of land? and to be able to live in peace.

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