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nutritional anemia

about nutritional anemia


1. what causes the disorder?

2. what are the solutions/preventions?



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    這是營養性貧血(nutritional anemia),是貧血狀況中,依"病因"來做區分出來的。

    Ans1 : 主要是因為鐵、維生素B12、B6、葉酸、蛋白質、維生素C、銅、等營養素異常造成的貧血。最常見的營養性貧血(nutritional anemia)多是因為鐵、葉酸、或缺乏維生素B12所造成的。因為紅血球的生成,和這些營養素有關。<代謝途徑容在下不多表述>

    Ans2 : <因為本題是問solutions/preventions,不是問treatment>就飲食原則來看,

    (1)蛋白質 : 每天至少要攝取80-100g的蛋白質,如奶類、魚肉類,都是不錯的來源;

    (2)鐵質 : 補充富含鐵質的食物,如深綠色蔬菜、乾果類( 黑棗、葡萄乾等)、紅色肉類( 牛肉、豬肉 );

    (3)維生素C : 最好是在餐後補充,如柑橘類、芭樂等;

    (4)葉酸 : 補充深綠色蔬菜、肝臟、苦瓜、或是其它含葉酸的配方奶類;

    (5)其它 : 進餐避免和茶、咖啡來共食,這些飲料會減少鐵的吸收,最好是改喝白開水或其他湯汁類。


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    Sure, why not ? But you have to describe it in your title next time, OK?

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    Ans1 :

    The major causes of Nutritional anemia are deficits of iron, vitaminB12, B6, folic acid, proten, vitamin C, and so on, especially iron, folic acid, and vitaminB12. The cytogenesis of erythrocyte is related to those factors.

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    For the principle of diet,

    (1)proten : 80-100g/d at least, milk, meat and fish are the wonderful choice.

    (2)iron : the supply of the abundant resource are the deep green vegetable, the muesli such as a black jujube ora raisin,red meat as beef or prok.

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    (3) vitamin C: The best way to supplement of Vit.C is to take after meal. The fruit are orange, tangerine, and guava.

    (4) folic acid : To supply the deep green vegetable, the liver, the balsam pear ,or the formula drinks including foliate.

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    (5)others : Don’t follow those with tea or coffee as meal. These drinks blocked the absorption of the nutriments of those, and you could take a boiled water or other soup for instead.

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    Any question?We could discuss next time.

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