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I am researching Thorton Winfred Cox. Does anyone know anything about him and if so what are your sources?

Thorton Winfred Cox was born December 1910 in Arkansas and died November 10, 1984 in Missouri. He had at least 4 siblings, Emma Lee, Sylvia Sue, Pearl, and Walter. They were all born in Missouri. His father's name was H. Carter Cox and his mother was Emma. H. Carter was born in abt. 1858 in Missouri and Emma was born in abt. 1871 also in Missouri.

I know from the 1920 census that this family was living in Prarie, McDonald County, Missouri, and that in 1930 they were in Beaty, Delaware County, Oklahoma. I have H.Carter Cox's 6 siblings and also have his parents' names and can trace his genealogy several generations further back.

What I am looking for is information on H. Carter's wife, Emma about whom I know nothing other than what I described here. I would also like to know more about Thorton Winfred Cox, H. Carter's son. Who did Thorton marry? How many kids did he have and what were their names? Any information would be great and appreciated. Please cite your sources

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    This tree has a HENRY Carter Cox. Seems like the wrong spouse but the right children and birthdates I'm thinking Emma was his second wife and children with her were Emma Lee and Thorton Winnfred. If this is the case HC and Emma were not married until early 1900s and mothers maiden name for the older children would not be Emma's name? If possible, please confirm.

    Henry Carter Cox

    Birth: 8 Nov 1858 Raytown, MO Death: 14 Jul 1944 Southwest City, MO

    Spouse (of HC) Married: 13 Mar 1885 , MO

    Sp 1 Claudia Margaret Ervin *

    Birth: 12 Sep 1871 Jackson Co, MO Death: 19 Jul 1902 Jackson Co, MO


    ch1.Joseph Lee Birth: 3 Mar 1886 Jackson Co, MO Death: 4 Jul 1946 Raytown, MO


    Sp1(ofJL) King, Georgia Hattie

    ch2. Delcia - Birth : Jul 1889 Jackson Co, MO Death: 1 Sep 1903 Jackson Co, MO

    ch3. Dorthy PEARL- Birth: 15 Nov 1891 Death: 20 Jan 1984 Raytown, MO


    sp(of DP). Tucker, James R

    ch4. WALTER Emery - Birth: 10 May 1894 Death: 15 Sep 1969


    sp1(of WE). West, Ruth

    ch5. SYLVIA SUE - Birth: 23 Mar 1897 Death: 8 Aug 1984 Southwest City, MO


    sp1.(of SS) Lindsey, Frank

    sp.2(of SS). Clark, Daniel Emmet

    sp3(of SS). Phillips, Ben

    sp4.(of SS)Weichold, Otto

    * (Family info from J.N. Adams' file, 3/1999)

    Sp.2 (of HC)Emma **


    Ch1 Emma Lee Birth 1907

    Ch2.Thorton W Birth 1910 :

    ** US 1910/1920/1930 Census

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    Missouri online marriage records seem to end in 1900. I think you're going to have to go to the County Courthouse offline and check the marriage indexes for Carter & Emma's marriage license. The 1910 census shows Carter was married 2 times and Emma once. Baby Emma Lee was 4 months old so their marriage was probably late 1907 or early 1908.

    Carter was tricky to find in 1900 because the indexer messed up the surname.

    1900; Census Place: Brooking, Jackson, Missouri

    Roll: T623 860; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 9

    Caitor Jen, 61, married 15 years, b MO, parents b MO

    Maggie Jen, 49, 5 children/5 alive, b MO, parents b KY

    Henry Jen, son, 17, b MO, parents b MO

    Joseph Jen, son, 14, b MO, parents b MO

    Dulcie Jen, dau, 10, b MO, parents b MO

    Real Jen, son, 8, b MO, parents b MO

    Walter Jen, son, 6, b MO, parents b MO

    Sylvia Jen, dau, 3, b MO, parents b MO

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    The Social Security Death Index actually has his date of death as November 1983 in South West City, McDonald Co, Missouri. He was born the 26th of December 1910 also from the Social Security Death Index.

    In the 1910 Census HC is listed as Carter. They were living in Brooking, Jackson Co, Missouri.

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