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Honda VFR Japanese Police Bikes - How To Buy / Import The Honda VFR 750?

Do you know a bike or car site where I can get the Honda VFR 750 for sale? These are the bikes that Japanese police use.

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    Ebay Motors is one option, but Japanese Car Import is a better choice (site below). It tells you how to import Japanese cars, bikes and trucks to 4 different countries - USA, Canada, Australia and UK. The methods for both are essentially the same. If you know how to import a Japanese car, it's the same for the bike as well; in fact it's much simpler.

    The Honda VFR750F is a popular model in the UK, winning the Best 750cc sport bike award from Cycle World six years in a row. There's also the Honda VFR700F for US markets and the Honda VFR750P, a police-spec model.

    People call the Honda VFR poetry in motion for its stylistic design (high bars / body cuts), speed and terrific handling -- which make them sturdy Japanese police bikes.

    You can import the Honda VFR from Japanese auctions that are open to buyers like you and me (similar to the police auctions in the US, but only that the cars / bikes are of higher quality).

    A friend bought a Toyota Celica GTFour ST205 at an auction in Japan via the Internet and contacts he has in the Japanese car import business and successfully shipped it over here. Parts for the Honda VFR too can be got from Yahoo Japan Auctions and shipped to your location of choice. It's easy once you know the little facts.

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    Honda Vfr 750 For Sale

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    Vfr 750 For Sale

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    You could always import one from the states. Love mine.

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    The achilles heel of the V-four is the high cost of valve adjustments. It isn't an issue when the taxpayer is footing the bill.

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