what type of urban zone model does charleston use.?

usually a city uses one of the 3 types of zone models...concentric, sector, or multiple nuclei, but i cant figure out which one charleston sc uses for their city.

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    Most cities in the developed world use more than one type of model.

    Now I have never been to Charleston but looking at the map there appears to be two main settlements. Charleston and North Charleston. This means there are two main areas and maybe even two main business districts. Either way it is good evidence of the multiple nuclei model. Much of the city seems to follow highway 26 heading north. This could be because this was the first main road and when the town was built people would have built along the road. This would be evidence of the city developinig according to Hoyt's sector model. I am unable to find a map of the landuse and so cant make any links to Burgess' concentric model but if there is a central CBD in either Charleton or North Charlston with outlying landuses such as residential or industrial in distinct groups then you could also argue the concentric model.

    Historically Burgess came up with the concentric model and hoyt said ok thats part of the story but what about sectors. Then Harris and Ullman took those two ideas rearanged them came up with some new ideas and built on it again to form the multiple nuclei model. Most cities have a bit of all three or at least 2. The only possible exception I know of in the USA is Chicago which is almost exclusivly a concentric model. Planned cities or new towns built in the last 50- years also tend to follow one rule but if a city has grown up over many years with no overall plan or forethought then often you can find elements of all 3 models within it.

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