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Good quality chef knives, any suggestions?

I need to buy a set of knives, as im currently an apprentice and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of good brands, i have heard Wusthof are a good brand though highly expensive, i have been considering global, sabatier and furi. Has anyone had any experience with these knives, i'd like some knives which aren't too expensive or too heavy, but arent as cheap as brands like victornox. Thank you

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    Global, Sabatier, and Furi are all more expensive than Wusthof. I've used mostly Wusthof and Henkels, and both are very good-quality knives. However, when I was a restaurant cook, we had a knife service that brought in much cheaper knives like Forschner and Victorinox, and they cut just as well as the expensive ones.

    Choose a brand that uses high-carbon stainless steel--regular stainless is almost impossible to sharpen and plain carbon steel needs extra care to avoid rust and discoloration. And beware the ceramic blades; they are alluring; they cut beautifully. But they are also very expensive, and if you drop one on the concrete restaurant floor, that is the end of the knife. It will shatter.

    Other than that, the best way to choose a knife is to pick it up and see if it's comfortable in your hand. Do a couple of cutting motions with it. Is it too heavy or too light? Too long or too short? Well-balanced or pushing too far towards the tip or towards the heel? Whatever feels best is the right one.

    Also, be aware that many brands have different-priced lines. The more expensive ones are usually forged (they have a thick metal bolster between the blade and the handle). The less expensive ones are stamped (they look like a flat piece of metal out of which the shape of the blade was cut). Forged blades are good for heavy jobs like cutting through bones or winter squash. But other than those heavy jobs, a stamped blade will cut vegetables or meat or herbs just as well as a forged blade.

    Don't spend more money than you have. Get the cheap ones now and you can add to your collection as you make more money--and as you are more sure of which are worth spending more on and which don't matter as much. And I guarantee, if you stay in the food business, you will become fascinated with knives and start saving up to buy certain ones.

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    I love "civila's" answer although I'm a cook with very strong opinions, I love to read answers that inform.

    I am in the school that no longer approves of sets. Buy the required quality of each particular usage for the knife. My bread knife is a cheapo...My large chef knife is an old 'Chicago' sharpens fast...My favorite and most used knife is my 6" Global - fits my hand (though a medium priced Soduku is starting to gain ground) and my new favorite paring knife is an inexpensive little silicon covered guy with a bright orange sheath...My cleaver is antique...I've gotten rid of all the other knives that were cluttering up my drawers.

    But as a student you will be needing a set and soon so all this trial and error will be happening over will be trying knives bought by other classmates and deciding based on new experience...I would buy a medium quality for all of your knives except for your chef knife (or equivalent Soduku) and matching knives mean nothing (unless you get a hefty discount, of course)

    A cool knife bag would be nice though (joking)

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    My fiance is a chef, he swears by his Furi knives. He bought a Furi knife block for home as well. The sharpening system for these knives is awesome, the knives become sharper than any others I've ever used.

    These knives are also good becuse they are seamless, there are no joins or anything to trap bacteria, and they are perfectly balanced.

    As an apprentice, aren't you able to get a 'knife allowance' of some description? One of the first years at my work has to stay on for 6 months so he gets his knives for free.

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    i like wusthof.. I think they are quality! I was a sous chef in a restaurant for 3 years and i still have them. Used them every day. I now own a butcher shop and still have those same knives. I get them professionally sharpened but they are wonderful. Ive used the sabatier but i like how the wusthof fit in my hand better. Definately go check them out in a store where you can hold them. Maybe see if you can demo some.

    Dont buy cheap. you will regret spending the money on the cheap ones!!

    Good luck! Check out they have some good stuff there

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    I love my Wusthof as well. Global and Furi are just as much, but I haven't used them. I went to a knife show and they actually let me use the knives before I bought them.

    Also, as someone else said - watch out for different grades within the brand. I was at my sister-in-laws house and was suprised that she had a set of Henckels. I asked her where she got them and she told me Target. One she pulled one out of the block I was shocked - I've never seen any German knife that looked like that. Be aware of what is out there!

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    The # 1 best brand is Sanelli. If you sharpen then and use a (the long stick that chefs use before cutting meat, that keeps it sharp longer) Then, there is Victorinox, those who make the swiss army knives. They are the best and will last a lifetime. The world's best chef use them and recommend them. And I approve. Have owned a Sanelli for ten years and is still in great shape. Have Victorinox used extensively for my cooking classes and are in good shape too (used to cut bones and lots of others...) Those two brands are recognized the best in the industry, many chefs will agree.

    It is best to invest for the long term. Don't forget to take care of it too. Don't fall fot the tv adds informercials that say "never need sharpening" it has been proven they are cheap knives and a rip-off.

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    I'm an amateur chef and I love Henckels. I got a set with the block for $49.95 at Hecht's. I've seen the set many places including sharpener for the same price.

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    I think saying one brand is the best is really subjective. West German or Japanese high carbon stainless steel, although expensive, is the best buy in the long run. I've heard good reviews on Wusthof and also Henckels. Don't forget the sharpening steel and a wood block for storage.

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    i love my wustofs. it's worth the price. buy once and buy right. also you don't need a whole set. i've been a cook and a pastry chef and everyone i have ever known and learned from all say the same thing: "you only technically need 3 good knives, a chefs knife, a serated knife, and a paring knife." as you become more accomplished you will start to need/collect othr knives (salmon knives, different size chefs, santoku, etc.)

    just get high quality, it's worth it. also always maintain them. hone them yourself, but have them proffesionally sharpened.

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    I've not used most of these expensive knife sets, but I have a couple of Chicago Cutlery knives that I've used for years and like.

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