Best AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, and AP European History books?

Okay, so I'm taking AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, and AP European Culture next year for 10th grade.

I have no idea what test prep books I should get.

Which book would you recommend for each class and why?

Please also mention what score out of 5 you got on the exam.

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    AP Biology: My teacher and my classmates seemed to agree that 5 Steps to a 5 was straight and to the point and doesn't bore too quickly like the others. Some of my friends thought the questions were a little too easy, but they really weren't. Also try the set of notecards that Barron's puts out; they cover all of the memorization that you would ever have to know. Princeton had a set of quick quizzes for each section that were not bad as well, though the review isn't as interesting as 5 Steps.

    AP Calculus: Barron's is highly recommended and widely used. Pass rate here is over 90% for both AB and BC.

    AP European History: REA has an excellent, comprehensive outline and five or six complete practice texts with those dreaded Document Based Essay Questions for you to practice with. The newest edition has a useful CD too. It can be a little dry at times and the questions tend to be a little harder than those you actually see on the AP exam, but if you study it thoroughly, there is absolutely no way you’ll get less than a 4 or 5. Try saving your class notes too. Sometimes just reading them over triggers your memory.

    You can also try the AP Power Packs Barnes and Noble puts out, with their best use probably being in their flashcards, but don’t count on them as your only study tool.

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    I haven't taken the test but I can probably give you some starters for the most general and popular test prep books:

    Barron's is usually a really good book, I really like it. It has tons of information in it. Many people think that it contains to much information that is not needed in the test though. It has review questions at each section and such

    Princeton's is also one of the top choices. It tries to keep out all the excessive information and just keep it to what you need to know. There is always a risk to this though because sometimes it might not contain the information you need. I'm guessing that you're taking the class to though. Some people also state that the review questions and such don't really match the ones that the test actually gives.

    There is also one called 5 steps to a 5. It seems O.K., its not the most popular one but it contains everything you need to know and such.

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    There are Sparknotes AP Power Packs for a variety of AP subjects. Each contain different studying materials, I know that the AP Biology one has flashcards, a thin booklet of major topics, and studying tips. Even though these Packs are mostly used for getting prepared for the AP exams, it is helpful for studying for unit tests.

    Source(s): I've taken 6 AP classes so far as a sophmore
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    Wow, that is a lot of classes for sophomore.. j/k.. i currently taking ap biology and ap world history.. Buy AP cliffnotes and AP princeton/Baron 2008.. it will help.. for AP European culture and AP Calculus AB buy AP princeton/baron 2008.. Here is some advice: Always take notes and review them daily.. Good luck!!!

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