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Start an NBA Team with all white players.?

If you had to make an NBA team with 8 players, all white, who would you pick? Pick a starting 5 and 3 on the bench. You don't have to have a PG, SG, SF, etc. I have starting:

1. Larry Bird

2. Jerry West

3. Bob Cousy

4. Bill Walton (in his good years)

5. and Reggie Miller

On the bench:

6. John Havlicek

7. Kevin McHale

8. and John Stockton

(lots of Celtics huh?)

others include Danny Ainge, Steve Nash, Brent Barry, Chris Mullin, Christian Laettner, and Tom Chambers

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    I looked at all the current NBA players and this is all i could come up with! I honestly dont think they'll make a good team though, but what the hell! ?

    Dean White

    Eric White

    Herb White

    Hubie White

    Jahidi White

    James White

    Jo Jo White

    Randy White

    Rodney White

    Rory White

    Rudy White

    Tony White

    Willie White

    Source(s): List of National Basketball Association players
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    Bill Laimber, Toni kucoc, Bill Wennington, Can't remember the first name, but Joe Kline?, John Paxson, Steve Kerr

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  • all time

    larry bird

    jerry west

    pete marvich

    bill waltion

    john stockton

    steve nash

    john havlicjeck

    bob cousy

    plus reggie miller is black lol

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    Did you really just include Reggie Miller on this list?

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    Bill Walton




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    How did Miller, brother of Cheryl get on the team?

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    Bill Walton

    Pistol pete



  • Anonymous
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    pistol pete and skockton in the back,mchale bird and a young walton up front.

    off the pine is cousy,west,havlicek

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    bird, maravich, walton, cousy, stockton

    haha laetnner that a joke lol

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