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Rate my Fantasy Baseball Team?

I just finished a live, 23 round draft with 12 teams. It's standard 5x5 scoring.

C - Joe Mauer

1B - Ryan Howard

2B - Howie Kendrick

SS - Michael Young

3B - Aramis Ramirez

OF - Carl Crawford, Chris Young, Kosuke Fukudome.

Util - Justin Morneau

Bench - Adam LaRoche, Placide Polanco, Khalil Greene, Evan Longoria, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Jeremy Hermida, and Jay Bruce.

SP - Scott Kazmir, Roy Halladay, Tim Lincecum, Chad Billingsley, Jeremy Guthrie.

RP - Matt Capps, Eric Gagne

Please list suggestions to improve my team and rate out of 10. Thanks in advance!

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    Did u have like the last pick or 2nd last? Im assuming u got Howard in 1st round so u must have had a pretty late pick.

    Catcher-Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Maeur. I think his batting prowess ir overrated and if u look at last season, he was very sub-par even considering catchers. I guess u could make a case for him being a top-5 catcher, but I would suggest, if you can't get like a top-3 catcher, then wait until the later rounds to snag some1 w/ teriffic upside like Soto. I'm calling him being BEAST this season.

    1B: Howard batted like .315 in '06 and he has incredible raw power. He almost got the homer lead in the NL and he missed like 6 weeks. Good pick w/ top 5 upside. 60 homers? Not that farfetched, really.

    2B: Nice, I'm a big fan of Howie. He's cheap, and easy to snag in mid-late rounds while having 20/20 potential w/ great batting average.

    SS: Ehh. Depends where u got him. I'm not really a fan of Young, I think he's way overrated. How does this guy keep on getting all-star nominations? He helps in batting average and runs, ok in RBI's...but he doesn't really have much power or speed. Bleh. Looking at the rest of your team he looks like he was taken pretty early.

    3B-Nice pick. Ramirez is always underrated even though he could give you and has, .300-30-100-100. Good pick.

    OF-Pretty good. I'm not a fan of Kosuke and I don't think he'll do so hot, but if Young had had a better average last season (like way better) w/ more RBI"S, he wouls have had a pretty sick rookie season. I think he'll do better his second time around. Crawford is a 5-tool stud and he's batting in a better lineup than ever.

    Utility-Good pick. i have Morneau on my team as well. I'm counting on big rebound season, considering he's now fully recovered from his lung injury. He had 23 hmrs before AS break last season and he could easily replicate his MVP season #'s. the twins lineup isnt great but its not as bad as most ppl think.

    Bench-Ok, way too many players. U don't even use ur hitting bench that much in baseball considering every1 basically plays every day. U have some guys w/ big upside-I wopuld trade them for better pitching. I like Kaz (have him on my own team, :) he has tremendous potential if he can be more consistent, stay healthy, and get better control, Halladay should rebound and I LOVE Billingsey this season.

    RP-Ok, this is a negative spot. For 1 thingg, considering u have 23 plyrs, u should have gone w/ 3 closers. Gagne has a chance to rebound in the NL-remember how sick he was on the Rangers last season? and Capps is Ok, assuming the Pirates can win enough games for him to rack up 30 saves+. But im my 10-team league (2 less teams than ur league), w/ 22 players, ppl have some sick combos of closers like Papelbon/Saito and Wagner/ Putz and Hoffman/Rivera, so Im assuming ur league has those teams as well. U need toi get better more reliable closers.

    U have a pretty balanced hitting w/ multiple guys that stand a chance to win a batting pennat on ur team. Ur rotation needs a top-tier starter to stable it and a top 5 closer. Look to package palyers of ur bench. I would give away Bruce-I'm not feeling him this season..Keep Hermida though and Longoria. Greene shoudl go and u can use Polanco's last season ./341 BA to get ppl to buy high. Good luck!


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    Looks like a good team, not really any big concerns NICE TEAM!!!

    Hey check out, its a great forum site with tons of people who know alot about fantasy! they have a forum for rate/analyze my team, there u can post ur team and get some replys :)

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    Better pitching. To many bench players. Drop Greene, Hermida, and Bruce.

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    I dont follow baseball, but if u want me to check a fantasy football one, then ill do it

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    are you in a league of 5 with moron owners?

    It is a nice team for sure...

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