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Someone give me a list of stores in Taipei 101???

I might be going to Taipei and i want to check out the stores in Taipei 101. I heard some of them are expensive, but list them still please! Thanks.


Also if you can can you give me a Great, maybe a little pricey restaurant up there?? Thanx

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    storeid:18- agnès b.

    storeid:10- ARK

    storeid:213- besti belli

    storeid:218- Blumarine

    storeid:197- EQ:IQ

    storeid:12- FRENCH CONNECTION

    storeid:13- giordano/ladies

    storeid:207- HER&HIM

    storeid:47- iBLUES

    storeid:16- iROO

    storeid:215- JO-AN

    storeid:49- JOAN & DAVID

    storeid:219- JOJO JEANS

    storeid:209- Knight Bridge

    storeid:51- KOOKAI

    storeid:17- MANGO

    storeid:52- MARINA RINALDI

    storeid:53- missoni

    storeid:212- MOISELLE

    storeid:223- MOSCHINO

    storeid:21- nanette lepore

    storeid:19- oasis

    storeid:226- Sinèquanone

    storeid:20- Single Noble

    storeid:121- SO NICE

    storeid:232- ST.JOHN

    storeid:119- T.a.b

    storeid:217- VALENTINO

    storeid:204- Vivienne Westwood

    storeid:58- BROOKS BROTHERS

    storeid:75- CERRUTI 1881

    storeid:55- GIEVES & HAWKES

    storeid:56- KENT & CURWEN

    storeid:224- S.T.Dupont

    storeid:216- AIGNER

    storeid:57- Aquascutum

    storeid:200- ARMANI EXCHANGE

    storeid:26- ck Calvin Klein

    storeid:206- CLUB MONACO

    storeid:42- D&G

    storeid:193- DKNY

    storeid:222- DSQUARED2

    storeid:24- ESPRIT

    storeid:25- G2000

    storeid:27- NAUTICA

    storeid:29- TOMMY HILFIGER


    storeid:199- CHARLES JOURDAN

    storeid:214- Free Time Gears

    storeid:129- GIORDANO concepts/ HANG TEN


    storeid:202- LACOSTE

    storeid:201- Marlboro Classics

    storeid:225- NIKE

    storeid:30- ROOTS

    storeid:131- TRAVELER

    storeid:233- COMTESSE

    storeid:61- HUNTING WORLD

    storeid:220- KENNETH COLE

    storeid:205- LeSportsac

    storeid:31- NINE WEST

    storeid:62- on pedder

    storeid:33- ZODENCE

    storeid:34- AGATHA

    storeid:80- Dickson Watch & Jewellery

    storeid:198- GOLAY

    storeid:235- Jaeger-Lecoultre

    storeid:65- justdiamond

    storeid:64- justgold

    storeid:37- PAIDEL Watch House

    storeid:38- RICH JADE

    storeid:221- SWAROVSKI

    storeid:194- swatch

    storeid:237- BALLY

    storeid:93- BVLGARI

    storeid:78- Cartier

    storeid:76- CELINE

    storeid:45- COACH

    storeid:81- DAKS

    storeid:77- Dior

    storeid:79- Dolce&Gabbana

    storeid:231- dunhill

    storeid:84- Ermenegildo Zegna

    storeid:82- ESCADA

    storeid:83- ETRO

    storeid:238- FENDI

    storeid:85- GUCCI

    storeid:227- IWC

    storeid:67- Jean Paul GAULTIER

    storeid:87- KENZO

    storeid:68- LAGERFELD

    storeid:89- LOEWE

    storeid:88- LOUIS VUITTON

    storeid:90- miu miu

    storeid:50- MONTBLANC

    storeid:91- OMEGA

    storeid:189- PIAGET

    storeid:92- PRADA

    storeid:69- RALPH LAUREN

    storeid:94- TIFFANY & CO.

    storeid:188- Van Cleef & Arpels

    storeid:228- VERSACE

    storeid:195- OSIM

    storeid:137- Watsons

    storeid:116- La Fatté

    storeid:234- LLADR'O

    storeid:244- ????

    storeid:243- ???

    storeid:242- ??

    storeid:70- ????

    storeid:208- NIKE kids / catimini

    storeid:142- TOYLAND

    storeid:143- Jasons Market Place

    storeid:95- Page One

    storeid:73- SOGO 101

    storeid:109- Chinatrust Commercial Bank

    storeid:110- Cosoms Bank

    storeid:113- Polaris Security

    storeid:112- Taipei Fuban Bank

    storeid:111- Taishin Bank

    storeid:114- BOSE

    storeid:185- Chunghwa Telecom

    storeid:115- Sony Style Taipei

    storeid:187- Mint Bar / Club

    storeid:186- Taipei 101 G.W.P.

    storeid:118- TAIPEI 101 Observatory ticketing booth

    storeid:117- Taipei International Banquet Hall

    storeid:190- 7-Eleven


    storeid:184- 360oGrill

    storeid:167- A Bowl Noodle

    storeid:236- A Gauche

    storeid:240- Amadeus

    storeid:145- An Nan

    storeid:175- Ban Mu Yuan

    storeid:96- Barista

    storeid:150- Benito

    storeid:149- Boa Che

    storeid:151- Chen Hsin Yi Dumpling

    storeid:99- Crystal Spoon

    storeid:102- Dailanyama Dining

    storeid:155- Dante Coffee

    storeid:100- Diamond Tony's Italian Restaurant

    storeid:182- Flavor Field

    storeid:152- Froot

    storeid:74- goldfish café + restaurant

    storeid:98- Häagen Dazs

    storeid:163- Han Ers Fresh Juice/Na-Po-Li CREPE

    storeid:158- Han He Ting

    storeid:161- Happy Inn

    storeid:159- Hsu Yuei Shan

    storeid:160- Hu Ji

    storeid:103- Hung Hwa Teppanyaki

    storeid:104- Hwa Young Boutique Cuisine

    storeid:105- iR china

    storeid:146- Japanese Curry

    storeid:106- Jiu Ru

    storeid:165- Karen Teppanyaki

    storeid:164- KFC

    storeid:241- London tea house

    storeid:166- LT Fruit Parlor

    storeid:97- MAXIM'S DE PARIS

    storeid:168- McDonald's

    storeid:108- MIHAN 101

    storeid:169- Momoya

    storeid:170- Nakajima Suisan

    storeid:162- O share

    storeid:156- Omlette rice

    storeid:172- Sentosa

    storeid:229- SERGEANT Chicken Rice

    storeid:230- SHABURI

    storeid:177- Shin Yeh

    storeid:173- Shuangshu

    storeid:147- Subway

    storeid:178- Teacher Guo

    storeid:196- test

    storeid:179- Ti Shan Beancurd

    storeid:107- WASABI Buffet

    storeid:180- Wu's Ding Bian Cuo

    storeid:181- Xu Cheng

    storeid:183- Yi Fan Yuan Wei

    storeid:174- ?????

    storeid:154- ????

  • gies
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    4 years ago

    Taipei 101 Mall

  • Paula
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    4 years ago

    There is a supermarket in the lower level, and a bookstore (Page One) on the third floor up. That's it, two good places to go shopping - pretty sad for the "tallest building in the world" and all the other hype that Taipei 101 falsely claims to be.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    LULU has good answer.

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