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Spark plug shatters Car windows?

I have heard/seen small chunks of Porcelain from Spark plugs shatter an entire car window... can someone please explain to me how this small pebble can shatter a window so easily... also, would a chunk of porcelain from a spark plug be able to shatter bullet proof glass?? or other glass things?? or is it only car windows? Thanks.

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    It only works on tempered glass. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into tiny pieces for safety reasons and is located in all positions except the windshield on most cars. Tempered glass has tiny pockets of gas trapped in between relatively thin layers of glass and the hardness of the porcelain will penetrate the thin layer of glass causing it shatter. To my knowledge it will not work on other types of glass.

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    Spark Plug Window

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    When spark plugs get used, the ceramic builds up a "charge", and that's why a chunk will shatter the whole sheet of glass, not the speed it hits, instead of putting a "bullseye" into it- NOT the same effect as shooting a B.B. at glass, as you've seen. Works on all glass, but;Don't know @ bullet-proof, if it did, it would only be the top layer(s)- the way it's made bullet-proof, is multiple layers.

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    well from personal experience the small piece pf porcelain is strong enough to break the window and will not leave a finger print due to the material that it is made out of and you can find spark plugs at just about any part store just look around the dumpster

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    Most likely someone is using a sling shot to propel it fast enough to break the glass. I have heard of people throwing small steel balls at the glass and causing it to crack then touch it to knock it out. I really don't know about the porcelain unless it is a big peace. God Bless

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    How does a B B shatter a window?'s small too. If the object is traveling fast enough..and most likely at the right's going to do damage....regardless of how small it is.

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