Hi! I was wondering, what are some girls names, that when shortned, or nicknamed, turn into boys names, or masculin sounding names. I know Sam/Samantha, obviously. Heres another one: Cole/Colette. Most people I mention that to are liek "Wait, Cole/Colette? What? OH, I GET IT KNOW! Why hadn't I thought of that."

I'm rambling, arn't I?

Well, Thanks in advance,



So, thay can chose. I hated colette, until i figured out Cole (thnks to sweet life of zach and cody).

I was just wondering.

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    I wish I could have found more for you. Names are a toughy! I think a lot of them are cute.

    I hope you like some of them, and I hope I helped! :)

    Theodora turns in to Theo.

    Alexandra or Alexandria turns in to Alex.

    Chrisabelle or Christabelle turns in to Chris.

    Christina or Christine turn in to Chris.

    Valorie/Valarie turn in to Val.

    Valentine/Valentina turn in to Val.

    Joanne turns in to Jo.

    Josephine turns in to Joseph or Jo/Jose.

    Kennedy turns in to Ken.

    Kendra turns in to Ken.

    Mackenzie turns in to Mack or Mackie/Macky.

    Kylie turns in to Ky.

    Kyla turns in to Ky.

    Benetta turns in to Ben.

    Winifred turns in to Fred.

    Henrietta turns in to Hen or Henry.

    Georgette, Georgia, and Georgina all turn in to George.

    Louisa turns in to Lou or Louis.

    Nicole and Nicolette turn in to Cole.

    Patricia and Patty both turn in to Pat.

    Paula and Paulette both turn in to Paul.

    Philana, Philippa, and Philomena all turn in to Phil.

    Robin turns in to Rob.

    Quinella, Quintessa, and Quintana all turn in to Quin or Quinn.

    Questa turns in to Quest.

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    Shauna- Shaun

    Nicholette- Nick,Nico

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    Well theres :

    Edwina/ Eddie

    Henrietta/ Henry

    Harriett/ Harry (i think this is a nice one )

    Rossalind/ Ross

    George/ Georgia

    Erica/ Eric / Erin

    Joseph/ Joanna/ Jo


    I hope they are the sort of things you mean ??


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    Melissa/ Mel


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    Pat/Patricia (Pat is a male/female nickname for Patricia and Patrick)


    Sal/Sally (Sal is a nickname for Salvatore; pronounced sal-vah-tor-eh)

    Vic/Vicki/Victoria (Victor)

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    Eric/Erica (my name.) Jerry/Geraldine. There's a lot of them. Victor/Victoria, Ron/Veronica, Joe/Josephine, there's tons, really.

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    Why would you want to know which girl names when shortened would sound like a boys name? Why would you ant your girl to have a boys name, unless it's a unsexed name.

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    Ashley - Ash

    Trenity - Trent

    Jessica - Jess or Jesse

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    cameron - cam

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