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28% of all Christians who say the bible is 100% the truth haven't even read it?

Something does not seem right. How is it that almost one-third of Christians claim the bible is 100% accurate, yet they have never read it?

Here is the proof...from a religious Web site no less:

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    I'm an atheist in part due to my having studied the bible for almost 10 years. It really doesn't surprise me that most proclaiming its infallibility haven't read it much less studied it.

    Many of them are too lazy (no, not all). It's easier to be told what to believe than have to do any of the work yourself.

    I respect different beliefs, but there needs to be a valid reason for the belief. One reason that I will never accept is "because that's what I was taught".

    I still think that anyone who actually understands what evolution is really about can't deny it either. Maybe that's my delusion...

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    be careful the way you interpret the Bible. i'm no longer asserting that the Bible should not be interpreted because of the fact the Holy comprehend God, yet you're giving yet another reference different than the Bible itself. To my awareness, the Bible says no longer something approximately JW doctrines. Now, i'm speaking appropriate to the King James version, the recent international version, the yankee customary version, the recent King James version, the uncomplicated English version...i might desire to pass on for fairly a on an identical time as. in case you're in specific attempting to discover Jehovah's Witnesses doctrines in a Bible different than that that's in specific given as a JW Bible, you have a annoying time at it. The Watchtower has further assistance and bumped off assistance that could desire to in any different case element someone to the Christian doctrine. Does this make the guy a non-Christian via following some thing different than an un-tarnished (aka no longer something taken or further to) Bible? My perception is that it does. So in case you're searching for the JW doctrine, the excellent place to appear could be their very own books, etc

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    I didn't criticize or question the bible until I read it. I went on a mission to strengthen my faith by actually reading the bible, and found that is lessened my faith somewhat. In conclusion from reading the bible and other research, I believe in God and Jesus, but that the bible is largely symbolic and a product of superstitions people had thousands of years ago.

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    This says that 72% of those same people have read it. That is almost 3/4 of them. I believe that is pretty high considering the number of people who listen to someone and believe that a person may be saved by saying a simple prayer and not studying otherwise from the scriptures. Have a great week.




    I should add that I read and study my Bible each and every day!


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    Christians accept their God with "faith."

    Faith according to the bible is believing in "evidence of things not seen..." (Hebrews 11:1-3). Okay, "evidence" of things unseen? That in itself is redundant. The invisible and the non existant look exactly the same!

    Faith is an intellectual cop out. If the only way you can accept something is by faith and faith alone, then you admit that it has no ability to stand on its own merit.

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    Wow, I'm an Atheist and I have even read it.

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    "I bet a higher percentage of atheists who claim the Bible is false never read it."

    if the bible is the inspired word of God, and you dont think God exists, do you really need to read it to know that its false?

    furthermore, an atheist wouldnt think that ANY god existed, should he go out and read every single holy book known to man, just to be sure that he doesnt believe in every God?

    Source(s): Atheists who has read the bible, and was not raised Christian.
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    I believe it. Very few Christians I know have read it.How sad.

    I have read it several times.

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    How can a website detrmine what someone does in the privacy of their own home?

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    I bet a higher percentage of atheists who claim the Bible is false never read it.

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