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Family problems help!? and dog problems!?

hello i heard about a dog called tamaskan dog breed their perfect for me because i read all about them and im in love with wolf like looks on a dog and i read in lots of pages but i dont know how long they live and how much it cost to buy on.

I really want this breed of dog i live in the city and a 1bedroom apartment with a family of 4 my dad makes a average $21 an hour and my mom $15 my moms a janitor and my dad is a electrition they dont get paid alot because they were born in another country and dont speak good english and im just 12.

I also have a question wheres a good forest land in america thats not very cold but snow alot during winter and its about 70-90degrees in summer. we need a cheap home but about 20acres of land but is close to a city for my dad can go to work plz help us. we live in Nyew York so this place cannot be far like at california and this place cannnot be south like in florida we dont like the hot weather.


also in this place it has to has like a river or a lake because we like fishing i look all over new york for a place like this either its too expensive or too far away for my dad can go to work plz help us i dont like living here in newyork , queens its awful the schools here arent getting paid enough money apparently every kid mean and bully others in 7th grade which iam in and i get called bum i want to move out into the country side i just dont know where is it good spot because i want a dog but most arent fit for the city and i really want a tamaskan breed their a very beautiful dog and they match my type so can you give a good real estate agency website or if you found this place ty.

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    Wow! You have covered a lot of issues. I am responding to the part about bullying in your school. I worry for your safety schools can be very dangerous places. See if you can home school. Check the internet on the subject of home school. Then tell your parents. If you are posting on a computer and have computer access you can do a lot of home school via the internet. In addition they have physical and other educational groups programs for children home schooled in many places. Don't worry about friends if you are in an environment that you are being bullied it is best to wait till your in the educational and physical or religious activities of home school to make friends. This may help prevent you from getting in to a deviant life style.

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    I was once in your situation. Don't worry, everything will work out for you =)

    A year ago I found this organization that gives people up to $1500 in renter or mortagage assistance! They operate in most US cities, I highly suggest you try to get some of this money.

    Good Luck!

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