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O.K. so I am new to politics, just what do Republican stand for? Is this 8 years of Bush typical conservative?

I sort of like Mr McCain, but I can't see 8 more years of the same as what we have just gone through, even without the war!

The reason I am asking is because the Dem's and all that nasty smearing does not help me to like Hillary nor Obama!

I feel doubly bad now that Edwards is gone, it looks like he was the only one with integrity!

It is almost embarrassing to watch all that fighting and name calling, and it is getting so very boring!.......

And how does one vote independent, where does that vote go?

Appreciate your answer!

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    reagan left a huge debt......bush sr left a huge debt......w leaving the largest debt in US history.........yep, typical gop "leadership"

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  • gldjns
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    The nasty remarks and name calling that you've heard, have not come from the candidates themselves. I have not heard Hillary Clinton say anything bad about Barack Obama, as far as his character is concerned, and as for Senator Obama, he is the epitome of politeness and propriety. The candidates are allowed to criticize the agendas of the other, or make comparisons. That's what the debates are all about. But both of them seem to have respect for their opponent, and in fact, are good friends aside from the political scene.

    You're asking about the Independent vote. The votes go to the candidate who represents the independent party or parties. As far as I know, there are no independent candidates running in this election -- at least I haven't heard of any. Independents are definitely in the minority, however, and I've yet to see an Independent become president. You can always register as an independent voter if you don't like the candidates of the major parties, though. That would entitle you to vote for an Independent if one is in the running.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Conservatism used to be about resisting change, or at least slowing down change, 'conserving' the status quo. It used to be about fiscal responsibility, running the country like a business, balancing the budget. And it was pro-business, with the idea that if businesses did well, everyone would benefit.

    Liberalism was more about people, protecting their rights, increasing opportunity, and using the government to provide the greatest good for the biggest number of people--i.e. education, helping people own their own homes, helping with access to health care, legislating against discrimination, etc.

    The Republicans and Democrats used to represent conservatism and liberalism respectively, but in the last few decades they have really both gone off course. Ronald Reagan issued in a new age of conservative thought, the idea that government is evil, that it -can't- work, so the less government we have the better. And that tax cuts are more important than a balanced budget. The Democrats have sold out to the same corporate special interests that used to drive the Republicans, and in fact GW Bush's presidency is seen as such a failure that the Democrats are raising more funds than the Republicans, which is a very unusual situation.

    The real problem is that money has gotten so important in politics. In the 70s a presidential campaign cost 20-25 million dollars. Today a candidate spends that in a couple of weeks. The primary season is way too long--especially this year--and candidates have to travel and buy TV time in every market. So fundraising becomes the most important thing, and candidates have to sell out to get their name out. The candidate who raises the most funds is acclaimed by the media as the presumptive winner, and all the other candidates get short shrift.

    The media are not doing their job. They are biased towards candidates who are already leading. This is partly because they like to show the election as a horse-race rather than a battle of competing ideology, and also partly because they like the candidate with the most money because where does he spend that money? On TV ads!

    The upshot of this is that by the time you even hear of a candidate, he has already sold out for money.

    I am independent because neither of the major parties really represents me. I'm trying to make this message not about my own political ideas. But as I see it, this election represents a choice between 'the same' and 'change'.

    None of the Republican candidates this time around were allowed to criticize Bush, to admit that he made mistakes, or to say how they might do things differently. This means that none of them can really offer us anything more than four more years of the same. If you like how things are going, it doesn't matter WHICH Republican gets the nomination--the agenda is the same. (Ron Paul was the exception, but you could see how both the GOP and the media hated him.)

    Obama and Hillary, neither of them are my ideal candidate. They are both sellouts, more corrupt than I think a president should be (though not NEARLY as corrupt as the other party).

    But as I see it, the question is: Which party is closest to your own ideas? Which party can do a better job? And to me that's no contest. I am really unhappy with Bush and though I think McCain is more respectable, I don't think I'd be any happier with him. I don't think he will be allowed to implement his own ideas or agenda, I think he will push the same old party agenda, as he has in his campaign.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you don't like Bush, don't vote McCain. They are pratically buddies.

    The key thing to remember is that Democats are generally progressive, and Republicans are generally (neo)conservative.

    Republicans like to lower taxes so you can keep more money, but this has ended up benefiting the rich more than anyone in recent years. In the neo-conservative context, which is what the republicans are, they like to pass a lot of security laws in the name of anti-terrorism. Critics say these laws invade privacy, impede free speech, and haven't done much to help.

    Democrats prefer that money is spent on social programs and various things that help out the little guy. Most recently the push for universal/very affordable health care has been on the agenda. Welfare is another one of these programs. These things cost money, so Democrats tend to raise taxes, but recently they've been trying hard to make sure those taxes hit the poor and middle class the least. Critics say that this stuff costs a lot of money and that tax payers shouldn't have their taxes go to people who are hard up.

    Don't vote a 3rd party for president, they never win. When it comes to more local elections or state elections, then go nuts.

    One third party, the Green party is very environmentally conscious and comparable to the democrats but more liberal.

    another third party, the Libertarians, are comparable to the republicans but more classically conservative and very capitalist.

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    Ok, to put it in a nutshell---Bush is the prime example of conservative republican---nothing for the people, everything for big business.

    The race between Hillary and Obama is nasty all right, but that is basically part of political races. Even when we vote locally(governor), there will be negative ads about the opponents. I have made it a rule of mine to check the candidates on their plans and on their ability to represent me(meaning I look at my priorities and what their priorities are). I also have to say that there has to be a certain amount of responsibility a candidate had to fullfill in another job--such as Hillary having been First Lady before. I watch the debates the candidates have(I watched both, repubs and dems), and that usually helps me make up my mind.

    If I cannot find either candidate appealing to me then I vote for the one who seems to be the lesser of two evils to me.....

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  • 3 years ago

    by way of fact the Democrats had a majority of much less then 3 and Bush vetoed 17+ costs they handed. the the rest Republicans in Congress refused to override all yet 2 of those costs. The small "majority" became no longer adequate to do plenty. Even now with a miles better majority they mandatory 3 Republican votes to bypass the stimulus invoice. The economic equipment began to decelerate in 2004 and reached the recession factor by 2007 then the inventory industry crashed in 2008.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Strong National Defense

    Limited Government

    Free Market Economy

    Merit Based achievement

    Personal Accountability

    I would suggest you read about the history of both parties. Democrat and Republican. It was through my reading that I realized my fastest route to success as a person of color was through my freedom to decide my own course, not government. Thats when I decided to register Republican. Don't let the current crop of Democrats deter you from that party though, because I didn't let the fact that there are few black Republicans deter me from becoming one. Just do your research, and talk to people from both sides, not just those who hate President Bush, and I'm sure you will come to solid decision.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Republicans stand for lower taxes on the rich, thinking that the rich will spend more and jobs will be created. They embrace the military Industrial complex --- meaning we will usually be at war with someone because it helps the economy.

    McCain is a guy I liked in 2000, but has now embraced the war in Iraq and the bush tax cuts for the rich. He seems to be running on Bush's policies.

    The Dems generally tax the rich and pump money into infastructure, public schools, health care and the like. They don't generally like the military industrial complex or war as much. They are sometimes extravagent with their spending though, but not as extravagant as the last Republican Congress though. (They broke records giving money away to any interst group who would write them a check!)

    I am sad that the racist politics in the Democratic side have turned you away from voting DEM. You would probably like the platforms of either DEM as both are anti-Iraqi war, but that has been lost under the comments of Geraldine Ferraro and others. (I guess Ferraro wasn't content being part of one losing DEM effort --- now she is taking down both of the Dem frontrunners.)

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    you can register as an indepent but you won't have a say in the most states require that you declare a party affiliation before you are allowed to vote in the are not held to that vote in the General Election and can vote for whomever you please. mainly do your own research and do your own thinking...this is not a typical place to ganer information but it is fun to see what other think.

    be wary when dems explain republicans to you or visa verse, they have a slanted view..let real republican tell you what they think and real dems do the same.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Good question To be conservative you have to want less government in your typical life. To be liberal means you want the government to make your decisions and regulate your life. There are so many things on the table to discuss, War, Illegal Aliens, Housing, Taxes, Jobs, to name a few. Good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    Good for you for starting to get involved in our political system.

    The last 8 years of Bush is quite typical for where the Republican Party has been in recent years. They have become more conservative - -they used to be more moderate on many issues and less linked with the Religious Right. The Republicans also used to be for smaller government, and they still often talk about that and act like it is the Democrats who are big spenders, but when you look at what they have really done, the recent Republican presidents have spent a lot and driven up the debt, and Clinton who was a moderate Democrat, cut spending and was the only one that ended up with a budget surplus. (I'm not saying everything was wonderful about Clinton, just stating one fact.)


    Sen. McCain is hated by the far right wing of the party because he has not been as conservative and "loyal" to the Party- - on the other hand those who admired him (including myself, although I certainly did not agree with him on everything, I liked him) considered him (at least for a politician) a maverick, a "straight talker", who stood up for what he thought - - one issue he strongly supported was Campaign Finance Reform which upset a lot of his own party. However in the last 8 years especially in the last 4-5, he has caved in more to Bush and the Conservative wing - - in order to get this nomination he has now. It has been disappointing, and I do not admire him as much as I did. I have really been disappointed that recently he has even softened his stance against torture - - something he knows personally from his experience as a POW, and had said in the past that the U.S. had no business being involved in it, and one thing that kept them going as POWs was knowing that America would not act the same way. A lot of experienced interrogators have said you cannot trust the intelligence you get from torture and there are a lot better ways to get cooperation than physically abusing people, and McCain knows that torture finally led him to make false confessions. Yet there are people who think if you don't torture terrorists you are being soft on terrorism so it seems to me like McCain is compromising his beliefs to cater to them.

    I don't blame you for feeling disgusted with the nasty smearing. so am I .I don't know if you hang out on YA or other online forums a lot, but I would suggest you don't judge ANY of the candidates based on the rudest of the jerks on such places that are their supporters - - OR their opponents. I will say that between the Democrats I have seen a difference in one campaign that is smearing a lot more and cutting down the other, and seems to be putting self interest above the party and the country, while the other ran from the start a more positive campaign and that has attracted Independents and Republicans as well as Democrats . But I will let you judge for yourself.

    Try to learn from actual clips of the candidates as opposed to what their supporters (or trolls!!!) say in anonymous boards. ;)

    Check out the link below for a comparison of the 3 candidates ( this is not a partisan site) You could also go to their websites and compare (keeping in mind they are of course presenting the best side of their candidate) . NPR radio has I believe come out on the top in polls as being trusted as most reliable news by Americans. Also maybe compare info from magazines like Time, Newsweek, U.S. News, and you can check out analysis of politics coverage on shows like Washington Week in Review (PBS) Meet the Press (NBC), Nightline (ABC) etc. I would not suggest either right wing or left wing talk radio as a source for real info

    voting Independent

    Usually when people say they are an "independent" it means they are not aligned with either major party, and they sometimes vote for either, depending on the individual candidate. You can vote for a candidate from an independent party if there is one you like, though at this point in history they do not have much of a chance to win. Or you always have the choice to write in the name of someone not on the ballot, or even write in as a protest "none of the above".

    . (btw you will hear people on each extreme tell you that all the major media is slanted against them... The right wing says the journalists are liberals who slant things to the left because of their personal opinions, and the left wing says the media is owned by major corporations with conservative boards and execs who control what is really reported and keep it slanted to the right.... So maybe the fact that they both say it is slanted the other way could be taken as a sign it is actually somewhere in the middle? Just a thought. I don't mean to blindly trust everything you hear in the major media, just that you should not only blindly listen to one extreme view either.You should adopt a healthy cynicism and try to think for yourself.)

    Source(s): Here is a website that briefly gives info on the 3 candidates positions. On this same site you can find out information about voting etc.
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