when someone answers the phone in spanish and says "weno"...how do you spell that?

i am trying to write a story where a mexican woman answers the phone..and from my experience in calling mexican women...they do not answer "hola"..they answer "weno" or however you spell it.

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    They don't say "weno," some answer the phone by saying "bueno." But it's pronounced with kind of a b/w sound....boo-weh-no...but really fast together.

    Depending on where they're from they might even answer "Quien habla?" (Sounds like key-in ah-blah). Which means "who's speaking?" It may sound rude when translated to English but believe me, it's not at all. Then occasionally you'll hear some Spanish speakers answer the phone by saying, hello, ello, hola, alo (ah-low). These are just Spanish variations from the English way to answer of hello. If you've ever watched any t.v. shows in Spanish you'll see them say hello or hola a lot when they answer the phone.

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    "Bueno" means good, I have 2 theories, though I am not sure about them: 1.- When the phone was created, people in Mexico were really polite, so, everybody said "Buenos días", "Buenas tardes" or "Buenas nches" when they answered the telephone, but I suppouse that before they were able to finish the phrase, the other person was already speaking so they only said "Bueno..." 2.- Bueno could have been used as a sign of "The communication is now ok, you can talk to me" Anyways, I suppouse that it would be really difficult to find a mexican able to explain accurately why we answer that way, what you can be sure about is that almost everybody here answers that way. One more thing, you can be sure that we never greet each other with "Bueno" so, it is not like saying Hi. Please, bever make the mistake of greeting someone like that, I don't know where did all the people her got the idea from And the last one: you almost spelled it correct, though you sued an extra " l ": novelas

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    No. Actually when answering the phone in Spanish you say, "Alo!"

    'Bueno' means 'good' in English and 'weno' is not a Spanish word.

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    Bye Spanish Translation

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    Bueno. Good. Spanish to English translation.

    It is a probably a short form of Buenos Dias or Buenos Noches. (Good morning or good night)

    It's just a greeting. Hola means hello.

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    "Bueno" is a common way to answer the phone in Mexico. It has TONS of meanings. Yes, "good" is one of them, it all depends on the context. It can also mean "well", can be used as a pet-name-innotation to a sentence, can imply agreement, can be even used in the place of good-bye -like "ciao", and of course as a greeting when answering the phone. It has so many meanings, that asking someone who speaks Spanish -"what does 'bueno' mean?" is kind of like asking someone English-speaking "what does 'get' mean" -it depends. Yea, go Get some research if you plan on using the language extensively. The context will Get ya' every time. Get it? Got it? gooood.

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    You are spelling it right and I normally hear it at the end of the phone call and it mean ok cool, sounds good, anything like that. It is slang and is not technically a word but I know many people here in New Mexico who do use the word weno.

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    Wow....its not weno its bueno. If your going to write a story involving a specific language and/or race. You ought to do some research first, so you know what the heck your talking about and dont sound completely ignorant and uneducated!

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    It spells Bueno.

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