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what is a good fragrance?

im 13 and i want a scent.

what is a good perfume to use thats good for a 13 yr old?

and i wonder if i should use the spray or the body lotion.

because the body lotion isnt as expensive but you still get the scent...

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    wtf ever happened to michael jordan cologne.

    ya, cheesy i know, but i loved that stuff!

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    A good scent really depends on your own personal preference. Fresh white musk is a great scent for teenagers (no matter what age you are in there)- and it's not too expensive either. Another one is Revlon's Charlie (this might be for a slightly older clientage could certainly try it and see if you like!) The only problem with body lotions is that sometimes they come out smelling too strong, as they're more concentrated than the sprays. Also, maybe it's just me, but the lotions tend to smell somewhat different than the sprays too- again, maybe it's a preference thing. I prefer sprays personally.

    Hope this helps (somewhat) :)

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    The body lotion doesn't typically last as long as perfume.

    You will have to get out there and experiment. Why? Your chemistry will react differently to different perfumes. You should go with the one that you like the best on you. Spray your inner wrist. Let it dry and then smell.

    Good perfumes usually cost more but also last longer.

    Wal-Mart seems to have a wide selection. Go to the mall and try out the testers. Or check magazines and try the inserts.

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    Try Hollister Ryder, or victoria secret body sprays.. you can get 6 for $30, which is a great deal to try different ones, and cheaper then a bottle of perfume. :) Plus if you mix and match, you get get matching body lotions/body spray and layer them so its a better longer lasting scent. Good luck!

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    I think Hollister perfume is nice. Thats what i wear and i also use abercrombie and it also smells nice. The Hollister is better you should buy some it smells REALLY good. And there is this Brittany Spears lotion it smells so good. It smells like you have perfume on you should get that to.

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    It depends on what kind of fragrance you like but if you're at all drawn to the fruity fragrances I would suggest going to a Body Shop and trying out their Satsuma. It is incredibly popular among your age group.

    Best of all its available in a ton of different products, lotions, shower gel, scrubs, soap, lip balm and perfume.

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    I use either Ralph Lauren or Britney Spears. I also like the Paris Hilton perfume.

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    pink sugar is the besttt

    it smells soooo good and isn't that expencive

    and i've never tried the pink sugar lotion but

    like other people said it doesn't last as long as perfume

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    Miracle by Lancome smells soooooooooooo good! I got many compliments! Its pricey (60) but will last several months

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    paris hilton

    Britney spears

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    britney spears the pink bottle i love that one

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