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jw's......... who already had their book study?

isnt it amazing how history lets us understand revelation? i was shocked,i had my study last night and i gotta say its impressive.

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    It takes the guidance of God himself to reveal that amount of incredibly detailed knowledge.

    Ive studied a lot about WWI WWII and the UN and everything they say in the revelation book is accurate and well thought out.

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    I love the book of revelation. When I came in we were studying the Babylon Book and talk about history it was amazing. To see the churches role in bringing Hitler to power was really something.

    I have studied this many times but it still amazes me.

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    The book is taught as a whole and when a person is having a Bible Study the appendix that is in the back of the book is use when that particular chapter is being done. So no we are not trying to mislead anyone about the Identity of Jesus Christ and he is Gods son the Archangel Michael.

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    It really is amazing! Not just the history and how it all fits together, but also the things that are happening right now. Recently there was an AP article that stated that the 25 largest religious organizations had lost members last year. Her (Babylon the great) waters are drying up!!!! JW's had the most percentage increase.

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    I had my book study yesterday and i honestly didn't want it to end. I can't wait for next week. It was very impressive. And it even becomes more impressive when you read outside sources like history books or do some research about those historical events. I was shocked about what we found out.

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    I had mine Monday night and learned a lot and refresher. I'm at an age where I forget more than I remember. We do a review before study starts so that really helps me out. Love the Revelation Book.

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    We had ours on Tuesday. I found it really fascinating and as you say shocking. It was quite challenging studying it in Chinese though.

    I couldn't believe the audacity of the church saying that the League of Nations was God's Kingdom on earth, and they say the same now about the UN. What blasphemy!

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    It was a VERY good lesson. The way the churches support the League of Nations and UN is SO blasphemous as brought out in the study. Prophecy is unfolding right before our eyes.

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    I was a JW when the book was first released. This is my 3rd time through in book study. I always learn something new.

    I'm glad they updated it with new numbers of congregations, witnesses, etc. They also corrected some spelling and grammar errors.


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    Sorry to butt in ;-)), but we started God's Word or Man's? this week. Nice start to an interesting publication.....


    NOTE: Publications are translated into Russian after about one year after their release at the District Conventions. So the brothers and sisters in Russia follow a different schedule.

    We just finished Daniel's Prophecy, we did Revelation in 2006 if my memory serves me right.

    After "God's Word" we'll be doing "Jehovah's Day".....

    I suspect it must be the same situation in all the former USSR states......

    Source(s): Russia
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