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walking off weight?

I am currently walking about 2.5k 5 days a week. This takes me an hour to complete each day. I do not consume any junk food and stay away from most meat. I do take multi-vitamins, protein supplements, etc. I need to lose around 60 pounds. Just wondering if anyone has had good results from walking off weight, if they know what kind of results I should expect (I've only been doing this for a month) and if anyone has any tips to speed the process along. Thanks.

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    walking is a good start, but your going to want to eventually work your way up to your target heart rate (varies with age). this means doing exercises that will make you breathe hard and sweat

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    After having both of my children, I lost 60 and 70 lbs within four months of walking one day and doing aerobics every other day. Walking is great, but you need to add some weight training and toning exercises into your weekly routine. It takes time and their's no fast road to fitness. I've tried eliminating meat from my diet before and found that I need the meat (chicken especially) for protein, which is essential in building muscle. Set short term goals for weight loss and keep a food diary, which will help you see how healthy you truly are eating. It always helps to have support from family and friends, too. Good luck!

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    I personally have never "walked off weight" but our campus is awfully huge and I estimate that I walk about 2-3 miles a day and it really helps me in speeding my metabolism, moving my bowel daily, and just as an act of exercise instead of hitting the gym with the so hectic schedule.

    BUT, I do agree that, if you can and have the ability (eve if you dont) try to hit the gym and run as little as 10-15 minutes each time or even the elliptical and that will have a bigger beneficial result than trying to walk off weight.

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  • 3 years ago

    You burn 3 hundred energy for each mile which you walk. 3 hundred circumstances 5 is a million,500 energy! you're gonna loose lots of weight. i believe that there is two,one hundred energy in a pound of fat. so each 2 days of strolling 5 miles you will burn off a million a million/2 pounds of weight. strolling is a large thank you to workout too. there's no longer as plenty tension on the physique as in case you have been working. it extremely is the quantity one workout for keeping sturdy wellness and proper weight. you could additionally desire to objective some foodstuff ordinary cookies and foodstuff ordinary shakes to supplement your strolling. The shakes are crammed with protein and the foodstuff ordinary cookies are crammed with fiber .The foodstuff ordinary cookies will gently cleanse your intestines and colon of any pollutants and leftover foodstuff caught to the partitions of those organs. you will lose a honest volume of weight in basic terms from eating the cookies. and that they have got supplements and minerals in them and in the shakes that should assist you reside healthy as nicely as skinny. it extremely is the better of the two worlds, rather. i'm hoping you walk as much as attainable with out overdoing it and which you're positive on your weight help! sturdy-luck!

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    how old are you?

    if ur somewhere between 17-25... hit the treadmill and run for 20 minutes... 2 miles

    and then do the cardio.. two hours a week would be good..

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