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Can OBAMA help rid America of its propensity for HATE?

What are your feelings on this? What group is really perpetuating most of the hate in America? Can Obama do it?

The number of hate groups operating in America stands at a record high of 888 - a 48% increase since 2000. SPLC President Richard Cohen and Editor of SPLC's Intelligence Report Mark Potok will discuss these findings and answer your questions about the newly released Year in Hate report during a 30-minute webcast on March 26 at 2pm ET/11am PT. Click here to register today:

[AZ] The Transformation Of Sean Gaines

Intelligence Report / March 6, 2008

Facing the death penalty, a former ruthless skinhead renounces racism and details unsolved crimes in this exclusive interview.

Can Obama eliminate these fools?

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    Interesting question. Could anyone person do that? I doubt it. But Obamas example is appealing. He does not seem to get upset even if someone throws a kitchen sink at him.

    By the looks of the answers on this website I would guess there are a lot of angry people out there. Better to spar verbally though, than join a skinhead group!

    Keep up the good work. :-)

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    Yes, Obama can do this.

    If anybody thinks that any of the candidates running for the President of the United States is white is a joke.

    Hillary Clinton has publicly admitted that she has Jewish roots. She is also an honorary Jew. She converted to Methodist and her church supports Israel.

    John McCain roots is Irish and John McCains wife roots is Jewish.

    Rush Limbaugh's wife is Jewish.

    John Lieberman that endorsed John McCain is also Jewish

    The only candidate with pure white blood running through his veins is Barack Obama mixed with African blood.

    Geraldine is a joke. She forgot that when she ran for the Vice President of the USA with Walter Mondale that she received 91% of black votes! This is how she thanks black for voting for her?

    People with Jewish roots are not white. People with Italian roots are not white. People with Irish votes are not white, they are all mixed up.

    I think we should be concerned about the dwindling white race population because there are too many fakes pretending to be white while they know that they are not.

    If John McCain wins or Hillary Clinton wins, where is the protection for America? How are we guaranteed that Israelis will not be hijacking American's foreign policy? When will America be free from making enemies of the Israelis our enemies? When will the money that USA have be spent on defending and protecting Americans instead of Israelis alone?

    Washington Watch: John McCain and the Jewish vote

    If Sen. Barak Obama is the Democratic standard bearer look for right-wing Jews to step up their hate campaign against him and efforts to brand him the Muslim Manchurian candidate.

    Jerusalem Post - February 5, 2008

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    I don't think so. The race in the DEM party has become so DIRTY of both side that you have hatred left and right from one side to the other. In the unlikely event that Obama gets the nod, the party will be very fractured.

    Hillary and Obama running against each other was a BAD MOVE.

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    No, Gulliver's Travels is a classic tale of human nature (lookit up for those that don't know it). And somehow I doubt even he wouldn't target other racial hate groups formed and followed by "minority" groups. So to expect a President to eliminate foolishness is just asking way too much, he's a human not the second coming.

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    Yes and no. Obama can make a difference--a big difference.

    But it takes more than one person. He can lead. He can inspire. He can advocate.

    But it is up to us--to you, to me, to all decent Americans. It is up to us to look first at ourselves, at our own hidden or open prejudices and let go of them. It is up to us to stop "tolerating" difference and start to respect and value diversity. It is up to us to stop remaining silent when we see anyone--regardless of color, religion, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, or disability is abused, ridiculed, or subjected to discrimination.

    It is we--decent Americans--who must follow the lead--by standing up for what is right. Not jsut by voting. Not just by writing a letter to an editor or official when some injustice comes to light.

    Bigotry and hate flourish when they are tolerated. When a bigot can make an ugly comment and joke, and we all obligingly laugh. Instead of meeting such behavior with cold silence and turning our backs on te vile creature responsible. THAT is where change comes--when these trash are excluded from decent people's company in exactly the same measure that they have sought to exclude their victims for centuries.

    Obama can start the process. He can catalyze change. It is up to us to make it happen every day, in our homes, at work, at school, in public places. Or change will not happen, no matter what he does.

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    As long as there are human beings, there will always be fools. Set your sights lower on reducing hate. It's unrealistic to think it can be eliminated.

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    NO Barrak Obama is part of the problem

    One of the hate groups is Nation of Islam

    Barrak Obama skirts any questions about this totally biggoted group of HIS supporters

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    Obama is promoting hate because he uses the RACE card every time anyone says the word black! He is NOT qualified and has no message of any substance! If he were white he would be laughed out of thisprimary along with Edwards!

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    One person can try to move mountains but no one can change people. There is always going to be hate in this world. Obama can try to quelch the fire but it is always going to burn.

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    Hopefully when his church stops giving out Lifetime Achievement Awards to racists and bigots like Farrakhan.

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