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is this normal tortoise behavior ?

We bought a small tortoise a couple weeks ago. Everything seemed normal enough. He would go into his hide box every night and stay there until day break. But yesterday he dug a little hole on the opposite side of the tank and just laid in it for most of the day. I assumed at night he would make his way to his hide box but he didn't. He just stayed in the little hole he dug overnight. I believe he is still eating and drinking. We just aren't sure whats normal and whats not normal. Does anyone have any info for us? Thanks in advance!

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    this is perfectly normal if he feels comfortable there he could stay there for ages if he wanted, make sure he keeps eating and drinking though

  • Joyce
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    The simple answer is a lot can vary depending on the personality of the animal in question, refusing food is one abnormal behaviour. Not reacting to threats by retreating into the shell is another worrying sign as is lack of movement - no walking around. Walking about the pen and ramming the edges of the pen is perfectly normal as my Mediterranean spur thigh has been doing that for over 3 years and is still going strong. If you surprise them then the reaction should be for them to retreat into their shell this is easily avoided if you talk to them while approaching them then they learn that you talking to them will lead to you having some sort of interaction with them. Mine has learned to recognize that when I say peas I have put some peas in his pen as a treat. That said though patience and spending time watching them will make it easier to figure out if they are ill, since you are more likely to notice if their behaviour changes.

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    He probably felt comfortable there. You need to let him have his own freedom. If he wants to move then he will. Like anything or anyone else you can't force people or animals to do things the way you want them to. If he's hungry he'll eat and if he's thirsty he will drink. Just make sure that he doesn't stop eating completely. I've had lots of experience with reptiles and it's just like a phase they go through. He will move don't worry.

    Hope I could help.

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    Don't worry my tortoise does this all the time, its just where they are comfortable, and at the right temperture, don't worry as much as long as he's eating and drinking he's fine, Good luck, Abbie x

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    Its normal they like to burrow to feel cooler.

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    yes they like to dig it makes they feel cooler and secure

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