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Question for non-Christians...?

I realize that many times you are offended by the way you are approached by Christians, and I want to apologize for all of us who have treated you this way. I'm not going to defend those actions because there's simply no reason for it. In fact, the Bible doesn't even say it's right, but instead it instructs us to "... love others as thyself." There's no guidelines, therefore we must treat EVERYONE this way. My question for you is this: When is it appropriate for a Christian to share their faith with you? And if they do, how do you prefer that they go about doing so? (i.e. friendly discussion, inviting you to church, etc.)

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    Faith is a personal treasure to keep to oneself. It need not be shared nor argued with any one else.

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    Hi there :)

    Id be more than happy to share your faith as I believe all religions have something to teach the world.

    In regards to the comments people have made about conversion, you dont have to belong to a particular religion to be a good person.

    Youve apologised for the actions of others, and this is very humble of you. Remember that actions speak louder than words, the best sermon is that preached by your life and not just words :) Aslong as your intentions are pure, nothing else matters

    Good day buddy ^_^

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    apologizing for something you didn't do but others did? i envy you on this great feature that you have. to answer your question, i usually prefer it when 2 or more people talk about religion, they use friendly words and be polite, respect each others religion, use words wisely and don't insult someones faith otherwise you lost the argument and lost self-respect, say your opinion and provide a proof that backs up that opinion, give the other side the choice to believe what you said or not without forcing someone to believe you. now back to reality. you and i both know that this will never happen here. sorry buddy. there are very few people that are like you here.

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    When they're asked. And they should do so in an appropriate way according to the circumstances. If the non-christian shows an interest in finding out what it's like to go to a church service, then it would be appropriate to invite them.

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    Hmmm, interesting question. I don't mind the people who hand out bibles (Gideons?), or the people on campus who ask if they can talk to me about religion. Because then, I can either say no and move on, or I can say yes and listen to what they have to say, without feeling pressured. Door-to-door is annoying. I also don't like it when people start talking to me like they want to get to know me, and then all of a sudden change the subject to religion.

    Of course, that's just me. Some people would prefer you didn't share your faith with them at all.

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    You are a nice person but you can't apologize for other people and expect it to stick.

    Ans: Leave enlightenment to God for the most part. You will know when it is time for you to share and then you will do it.

    Likely, someone will ask you directly or present a question about life or God that you can answer 100%.

    That is called grace and doesn't take much effort or planning.

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    1. You can share when asked.

    2. You can share in an intelligent conversation about religion.

    Sharing should never be "preaching" or "converting". People can make up their own minds if you just share the right info.

    And please be aware of the tone of the conversation. If it is obvious the person is confident in their beliefs, there is clearly no reason to try to convince them otherwise. Sharing your differing opinion is fine, in a non-confrontational manner.

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    Only if you are asked to share your beliefs. Then you have to be willing and open minded enough to listen to mine. Also you have to understand you aren't going to convert me with the threat of hell. I don't fear something that doesn't exist, in the way ya'll think. Don't invite me to church cause I'm not going to accept. Then understand that I don't believe religion has anything to do with friendship.

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    Worldliness, envy, and satisfaction existed between specific early Christians. James calls some “adulteresses” because of the fact they have been friends of the international and for that reason accountable for spiritual adultery. unquestionably, we don't prefer to grow to be worldly in suggestions-set, speech, and strikes, for that could make us God’s enemies. His observe shows us that “an inclination to envy” is a factor of the undesirable inclination, or “spirit,” in sinful people. So if we comprehend that we could desire to combat envy, satisfaction, or another undesirable inclination, enable us to seek for God’s help by using holy spirit. That tension, provided by using God’s undeserved kindness, is larger than “an inclination to envy.” And while Jehovah opposes the proud, he will provide us undeserved kindness if we combat sinful inclinations.

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    Not to sound rude, but it's never ok to "share" your faith with someone who isn't Christian. Prayer is something that is between you and God. Making an attempt to convert someone by "inviting them to church" is a sick joke in my opinion.

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    It's never 'appropriate' for christians to 'share' their faith. I would prefer they keep their crazy notions to themselves. After all they've built enough places of worship that if I ever lose my sanity and decide that following this faith is a good idea I can find my own way.

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