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Why didn't the Greeks destroy Xerxes bridges of boats while it was being built?

I am watching the History Channel show Last Stand of the 300 and was wondering why the Greeks didn't do "something" to stop the boat bridge from being built. I mean it couldn't have been done overnite, even over a month probably. It was 600-700 boats and over a mile long. Why didn't they shoot fire arrows at it or lob boulders to crush it? Any ideas....?


Yes, numbat I realize the Persian force of 100,000-300,000 was much greater. That is why I suggested long range weapons. Things they could do before they would have to fight hand to hand. There must have been a time when the bridge was 3/4 of the way built....any way I am picking best answer now.

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    The nature of Greece as a plethora of self governing city states made achieving concerted action very hard. And the Hellespont was too far away from the Greek heartland to project effective power.

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    I think the two million strong army Xerxes had might have had some say in that.

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