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kayan asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急!!! 要快 ;;'' 我有2樣野想大家幫幫手' 關:英文翻譯


我打2篇野係到 大家唔該幫我整掂做英文呀'' 感謝

1)上週的假期 沒什麼特別, 又是星期六回去教會,, 忙忙碌碌的過了一天' 而星期日 也沒出去,, 只是在家中 上網看看一些資料 ,,和在做功課呢! 不停的在做功課,, 雖然 十萬個不想做 ,,但還是要做... 不做的話 我會欠交功課的! 那就不太好了,, 幾經我的不願意後我才做完我的功課... 那時候我才鬆一口氣,, 然後我再上網看我喜歡看的東西,, 用MSN跟別人聊天,, 不久後 已經12點多了,, 馬上 跑去睡!

2) 故事方面, Harry Potter 系列已經來到第5集, 而且這電影對象的年齡層都是比較小, 什麼華麗大場面, 鋒迴路轉的情節, 我都不會抱有太大期望. 和之前4集不同的地方, 很明顯主角們又長大了, 也開始脫離柴娃娃的學校生活及打鬥. 今集氣氛比較死氣沉沉, 內容也經常圍繞 黑魔法, 無論是一開場出現的 Dementors, 正氣師* (Auror) 對 Death Eaters, 上課學集的 黑魔法防禦術 (Defence Against the Dark Arts).長篇故事的好處, 是可以把之前留下的伏線, 在之後幾集慢慢才拆解. 例如今集提到 史內卜教授 (Severus Snape) 跟 James Potter 的過節, 解釋了為何從第一集開始 史內卜就針對 哈利波特. 而上一集 奈威 (Neville Longbottom) 對著 Unforgivable Charms 表現異常, 今集也解釋了他父母的遭遇.整體來說, 故事普通, CG 特技均有一定水準, 只是上集我比較欣賞的 Sirius Black 在火爐中出現的方法, 今集變了簡簡單單的 image compositing. 但我都蠻喜歡這一集的,, 但我覺得 主角變大個了'' 沒有那種不知怎樣說的感覺,, 但還算是不錯的!

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    1) nothing in particular last week's holidays, and go back to the church on a Saturday, had a busy day 'did not go out on Sundays, just look at some of the information in the Internet, and in doing homework? Kept In doing homework, while 100,000 do not want to do, but still to be done ... I will do so for non-payment of homework! it is not very good, and again I do not want to after I finish my homework ... At that time I breathe a sigh of relief, and then I look at the Internet to see what I like, using MSN chat with others, and soon after 12:00 more, and immediately went to sleep!

    2) the story, the Harry Potter series has come to No. 5 sets, but this film's target age group is relatively small, what a gorgeous scene to the front loop on the circumstances, I will not have high expectations. And Set before 4 different places, it is obvious protagonist again grow up, also began from the child's school life firewood and fighting. relatively stagnant atmosphere of this set, which often focus on black magic, whether it is an opening in the Dementors, upright division * ( Auror) on the Death Eaters, class sets of black magic defense of (Defence Against the Dark Arts). story of the benefits of long, it is to leave before the V line, after only a few sets slowly dismantling. sets such as this that BU professor in the History (Severus Snape) James Potter with the holiday, explain why start from the first one in BU history against Harry Potter. while on a set Naiwei (Neville Longbottom) into Unforgivable Charms performance anomalies, this sets He also explained the parents experience. whole, the story of ordinary, CG stunts have a certain standard, but I would rather enjoy the first two Sirius Black in the stove in a way, this sets a very simple change of image compositing. however Duman I like this set, but I think that the protagonist of the change''did not say that I do not know how to feel, but still is pretty good!

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) Last week vacation is nothing speaial. Saturday I went to the church again. It was a busy day but still it was past. Then on Sunday I didnt went out, just stay home looking some information online about something and doing homework! Eventhough I really dont want to do it, but I continue doing them because if I dont do it I will own the homeworks from the subject. If that so, its not good at all. After I finished my homework with so much complain in my head, I was so relax at that moment. Then I went to the internet and watched my favorite thing and use MSN to chat with other people. Then after a while, it was 12 something already, then I ran to my bed and sleep!

    2008-03-13 05:57:12 補充:

    the 2nd one is in the e-mail. I hope I help you.

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