3M really faster than 8M connection via wireless notebook

Hi Master,

I am using notebook wireless connection to broadband 3M from Netvigator.

Will it any difference after I changed to 8M and any faster?

I am sure that's will be faster if I am using desk top with cable connection, but how about wireless notebook? Since 54mps on 802.11b/g only thru the wireless router.

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    Yes, the difference is significant as from 3M to 8M as what you have pointed out.

    In your last sentence, you said: Since 54mps on 802.11b/g...........

    Speed for 802.11b is 11 MPS while 802.11g is 54MPS. As per these speeds of 11Mps & 54Mps, they exceed than 8M(ps) at all.

    So the difference is from 3M(ps) to 8M(ps). As you have mentioned about cable (wired) connection, the speed are 10/100 & 1000Mps which are much faster than 54M(ps). These speeds are used for Intranet(i.e. wan) only. i.e. used for data transfer from computers to computers used within your company or family.

    If you really want to make use of the speed of 54M(ps); 108M(ps) or even faster, then you should apply for those 100M(ps) connection (through fibre network).

    Hope you can understand above, if not, please let me know and let me explain in Chinese.

  • cnomis
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    that s will be a little, just a little difference, coz limited by the wireless router. Since u change a 802.11n, i think the difference would be obvious.

    Source(s): avbcd.blogspot.com
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