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今年的寒假特別的寒冷,我在家裡每天都穿著非常多的衣服, 也幾乎都不出門,在家裡孝順家人每天打掃煮飯洗衣,過的很充實。



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    The winter vacation of this year was extremely cold. I wore many clothes at home every day, and I barely went out. I cleaned the house, cooked meals and do the laundries every day. Life was very fulfilling.

    I got two plans in this winter vacation. First, get a financial license in banking. So I studied every single day in this winter. Although a little lazy I might be, a little study every day still make my mission accomplished. Second, I love cooking. So I consult the recipe and learn to cook a new dish every day for my family. I wish I can open my own restaurant one day.

    Besides, I met some of my friend. We talked about recent situation of each other and complained about school day events. It was a happy and fulfilling winter vacation.

    ps. 社會上充斥著以假貨騙錢的無恥金光黨,相信你應該一目瞭然吧。

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    The this year winter vacation special coldness, I put on extremely

    many clothes every day in the home, also nearly all does not leave the

    gate, the filial family member cleans every day in the home cooks a

    meal washes clothes, crosses is very substantial. This winter vacation I have two plans, first, must test to a bank card

    illuminates, therefore this winter vacation has every day studies,

    although some times can be loaf, but many a little makess a mickle is

    has reads. Second, I like the cooking, every day therefore looked the

    recipes study new vegetable transferor moral behavior my

    craftsmanship, hoped together later I will be allowed to open an my

    dining room.

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