Is Russia a Presidential or Parliamentary System?

Pretty straight forward.


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    Russia is a democratic federative state based on rule of law and a republican form of government. State power in Russia is exercised by the President, the Federal Assembly, the Government and the courts.

    One of the basic principles of constitutional government is the division of powers. In accordance with this principle, power must not be concentrated in the hands of one person or one institution, but must be divided among the legislative, executive and judicial branches of power. The division of powers requires that there be a clear delineation of responsibilities and a system of checks and balances so that each branch of power can offset the others.

    The President is at the summit of the system of state power. He ensures that all the state institutions are able to carry out their responsibilities and keeps watch over them to ensure that no institution can encroach on another’s prerogatives, attempt to usurp power in the country or take over another’s powers.

    Each institution of state power is only partially responsible for enforcing the Constitution. Only the President has the responsibility of safeguarding the state system, the state’s sovereignty and integrity overall. This is the guarantee that the other state institutions and officials can exercise their powers in a normal constitutional fashion.

    The President’s place in the state power system is tied to his constitutional prerogatives regarding, above all, the executive branch of power. Legally, the President is distanced from all the branches of power, but he nonetheless remains closer to the executive branch. This closeness is reflected in the specific constitutional powers the President exercises as head of state. Please see link I provided for further information:


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    Russian Parliamentary System

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    The presidential systems are more stable.....the problem I see with parliaments is that groups within constantly change aliances that result in changes in prime ministers

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    Pretty straight forward it is NOT!!!

    They have a Parliament and a President (with unitary powers)...(for real, baby!) who is the leader of his party but unlike the British System I think you'd find yourself dead if you tried a no confidence vote on him...they haven't come too far in the freedom to choose area...Fun to watch from a distance, though!

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    In Russia YOU are the system!! its parliamentary i think

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