Claiming child care expenses on Canadian income tax?

I'm trying to do my taxes using a UFILE program. This is the first year I will be claiming child care expenses, so I'm not sure what I need to claim...

1. When they ask for amount paid for child care, is that before the subsidy amount, or the monthly amount paid to the daycare?

2. They want the SIN of my daycare provider? That seems like personal information that I don't feel comfortable asking for... isn't a name, address, and phone number enough?


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    1 It's the amount you paid out to the daycare

    2 It's personal information unless it's tax and income related. They have to provide it if they are being paid for services. If it's a company, it's different, but an individual has to provide the SIN. That's how CRA tracks the income THEY made, the same as you provide your SIN for work so they can track the income YOU made.

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    4 years ago

    with a view to declare baby care fees, it extremely is going to be for an eligible baby by blood, marriage or adoption. i've got self assurance that they does not be waiting to declare the charges by way of fact that they're additionally receiving an allowance to attend to the youngster.

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