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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 1 decade ago

In what direction does DNA replication occur- 3' to 5', or 5' to 3'?

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    replication always occurs 5' to 3', by definition. This can be confusing because DNA polymerase moves "3' to 5' along the template DNA". SO the new strand is made 5' to 3'.

    Even okasaki fragments, which are DNA pieces complementary to the "lagging" template strand, are made 5' to 3' and pieced in via DNA ligase. The reason for this is that DNA polymerase needs a starting block to begin; a free 3' hydroxyl on the nucleotide, to push off and begin synthesis. This means that DNA synthesis can only move in 1 direction.

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    In what direction does DNA replication occur- 3' to 5', or 5' to 3'?

    Source(s): direction dna replication occur 3 39 5 39 5 39 3 39:
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    Dna Synthesis Direction

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    Occurs 5'-3'. The template strand is read in the 3'-5' direction.

    It goes 5'-3', because the polymerase needs the 3' hydroxyl to continue the synthesis.

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