Wireless DSL MODEM?

Ok, does anyone know where to get a wireless DSL "MODEM", commercial, not used? I can't seem to find one. I can find cable modems everywhere, and if not, why do I only find ones that are distributed to the dsl suppliers. Why doesn't walmart or circuit city or staples have them? I don't feel like setting up the dumb router to work with my existing modem.


I know there are wireless modems, that's what I use at home (Westell 327 from Verizon). The problem is one of my friends is getting a laptop and I'm trying to track down a wireless modem cause setting up the router modem combo is beyond him, and I'd rather look for this then go set up the router/modem combo cause I had issues last time I tried. I'm looking at the d link router suggested, I can't find a retailer though.

Update 2:

NewEgg came through, I'll suggest this router for him. I still don't get why someone said they don't make them, I knew they were produced when I asked this question. I just wanted to know where to get one and why it is so awfully hard to find one.


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    The dlink dsl-2460b is a dsl/wireless router combo.


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    probably a controversy with the DSL modem, yet before calling your ISP, i could attempt disconnecting each and all the telephones/filters, and be certain no depend if the priority persists once you in basic terms have a single telephone/clear out combination related. in case you have the comparable concern regardless of which telephone/clear out is expounded to your traces, it fairly is not likely that *all* of the filters are undesirable, and that i could suspect a controversy with the DSL modem itself. you additionally can attempt shifting the DSL modem to a distinctive line interior the abode to rule out a controversy with that distinctive outlet/line besides. good success!

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    Wireless modems are rare. What you need is a wireless router. You connect the router to the modem, no matter what kind of modem it is. They aren't difficult to set up.

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    There is no such thing as a DSL wireless modem. You need a wireless DSL router/modem.

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