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Constitution of the United States?

ok if i answer these questions right i get a PLEASE HELP ME?? what does the constitution do or what did it do(give me real answers)...i need a summarize of the amendments (1-10) and....i forgetbut answer the other??


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    The US Constitution was written to limit the power of government. Nowhere does the constitution limit the civilians. The Constitution lays out the 18 duties of congress (now 22). Congress was to do NO MORE than those 18 duties. This is to prevent government (which naturally expands to seize all property freedom and liberty) from growing out of control and enslaving its people.

    You must understand rights, from privileges. Rights, cannot be taken away, as they are given to you by your creator. Privileges, can be taken away, because they are given to you by another human being.

    The 10 amendments, acknowledge natural RIGHTS of Americans. Right to free speech, right to bear arms, freedom from unlawful search and seizure and so forth cannot be taken away, because they are not privileges, but rights.

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    The Constitution set up the government (federal and state). It set up the three branches of the government (legislative, executive and judicial) and how they work. The amendments follow:

    1. Freedom of speech, press, religion, right to assembly and right to petition

    2. Right to bear arms

    3. No solider can be housed in a citizen's home during a time of peace. (Quartering Act)

    4.Protection from unreasonable search and seizure.

    5. Right not to incriminate your self/double jeopardy.

    6. Speedy trial.

    7. Trial by jury.

    8. No cruel or unusual punishment

    9. Rights not mentioned (ex: right to eat, talk, etc.)

    10. State's and people's rights.

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    The Constitution is a document of control over the power of the Federal Government, of identifying States Rights and establishing the limits of both State and Federal Government control over the God Given Rights of man.

    It additionally establishes the bounds, duties and powers of the various branches of the Federal Government.

    I hope that this helps.


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