les miserables?

have to write an essay on who the most important charachter in les mis is. its an argumentive essay we have to defend the character that we believe is the most important. we must have at least 2 sources besides the book and i have been looking on the internet but i cant find any sights they all talk about the play or broadway or w/e i need some sights on the characters not the book.


no wkipedia,definitions, encyclepidea etc.

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    Jean Valjean is the protagonist in Les Miserables, so, IMO, that makes him the most important character.

    Enotes.com has a good study guide of the book, but unfortunately it is not free. If you would like the info there about Jean Valjean, I can email it to you.

    SparkNotes is free and has a good study guide for the book:


    Cliff Notes Online:



    (also not free, but worth the price - I can email you info from there if you like)

    Reading group guide:


    A site about Jean Valjean




    If your opinion is that one of the other characters is more important, try doing a google search for the character's name.

    Good luck!

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  • 7 years ago

    I feel like the Bishop is a really important character. His character sets the tone for the book and influences Jean Val Jean. He has a lot of wisdom and ideas which also contribute to what the book is mainly about, God and Liberty.

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  • 6 years ago

    The Bishop and Fantine both change Valjeans life for the better. They set the theme for Salvation, Redemption, and God loves us.

    My personal favorite character is Eponine because she's so bad***, but she didn't really play a vital role in the plot.

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