Emancipated minors and abortion?

I can't seem to find very much information on abortion laws for emancipated minors. What are most laws like for that?


It looks like there are different laws in some states, though...somewhere I read that if a judge finds them mature enough, then she won't need permission or her parents won't be required. I also read in another state that if she's married, she doesn't need any of that...

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    In many states you don't have to be emancipated to get an abortion. You need to research by state though. Abortion laws for minors are still in the states hands. If you're not finding very much it could be because you need to search specifically for your state. Or go to actual abortion sites. They usualy have information for minors.

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    I believe that the concept of an emancipated minor is very sad, because it is a reflection of a family that is dysfunctional to the point of failure.

    I believe that the only thing sadder than an emancipated minor is one getting an abortion. What should be a joyous event (expecting a baby) is seen as a calamity at worst or a nuisance at best.

    In Canada, whether the expectant mother is a child or an emancipated child is not taken into account. The parents are neither consulted nor advised in either case. That is not to say that the doctor will necessarily perform the procedure. I guess the idea is that children won't go to the doctor in the first place if they thought their parents would find out.

    I do not know if the law in the US, or the medical policy, is similar, but I would expect that it would be.

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    Emancipated minors? What dat? Now there's a sssstrange concept, that is probably not recognized by law. Therefore there is no such thing as an "emancipated minor". Therefore the law on abortion for an "emancipated minor" is probably the same as the law on abortion for any other minor.

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    Some states the age is 15, and you do not have to be emancipated to get an abortion

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    You are talking about two different things. Abortion laws did not change when you got emancipated.

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    If a minor is emancipated, meaning found to be capable of taking care of themselves and are adults in that aspect in the eyes of the law, then they are free to make decisions like that that normally they would have to have adult legal gaurdian consent for.

    They will be able to get abortions without parental consent as well as get married without perental consent and things of that nature.

    I hope this helped you.

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    i will enable you recognize a sprint tale. that's some kinfolk that lived in some properties faraway from the place i'm living interior the 70's. a sturdy Christian kinfolk all approximately their morals and values, and looking out good to society. (I stay out interior the rustic BTW, the context will make greater experience.) long tale short, that they had a fifteen year previous daughter who had intercourse with a black boy, and have been given pregnant. whilst her father found out, he drug her out decrease back to his barn, and beat her interior the gut with a tire iron. He broke her hip and various of alternative ribs, and to right this moment she has a subject walking with the aid of fact he theory they have been apt punishment for ambitious to have intercourse mutually as not married, and being a black lover. it quite is unquestionably a exceptionally tame tale, whilst in comparison with the numerous ones that pass on daily. Now, i will admit i don't basically like the belief of a minor protecting a being pregnant against their mothers and fathers desires. yet on an identical time, you're able to desire to understand that we live in a rustic the place human beings will positioned their very own ethical ideals and innovations above the wellness and welfare of their toddlers. maximum truthfully, in the event that they choose an abortion, i don't think of the mothers and fathers could desire to have enter. i'm divided on in spite of if their mothers and fathers could desire to have a say in in spite of if or not they shop it. nevertheless I do think of the mothers and fathers could desire to have the ability to assert that they have no felony barrings or household projects to the baby.

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