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is true that the leprachaunexist only in 17 of march my teacher said that every day the leprucan call hers?

the leprachaun said you can catch me the leprachaun call his brothers to, the leprachaun go to my school i saw him is this true that if you saw him dont blink or youre going to have bad luck or you catch the leprachaun he takes you to his house please answer me


they take you to their home with has coins rainbow i think they exist cause i saw one

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    I don't think leprechauns exist... But I don't know... Do they come into the city ever?

  • Anonymous
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    dont mess with Leprachauns if they are real

    they do nasty stuff if there not happy

    they curse you in many different ways

    and none are good so if there real dont even bother to go near it i would tell you storis about them but i think im taking to much space now

  • They exist 24-7, they are hard to catch, but after Icaught one he did bring me to his home in a cave and gave me some gold coins as a reward for returning him but once I left the cave it disappeared.

  • I dont get it what your asking, is it that leprechauns exist or if your teachers call works? what are you asking!! answer me this, is there a pot o' gold at the end of a rainbow, and apply that answer to your question

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    Try writing your question again in simpler words. It's not clear what you are asking or telling us.

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    "leprachaun"s are fake.

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    Is it true that you're mentally uncapable?

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    crack? acid? shrooms?

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