Do chickens lay white eggs? Are eggs in the stores bleached white? or do chickens lay different colored eggs?

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    Different breeds of chickens lay different color eggs. They can be all shades of white, cream, tan through to dark chocolate brown (Marans lay this color). Eggs may also be mottled or speckled. Araucanas and Ameraucanas are two of the best known breeds that lay either blue or green eggs (each individual chicken lays a particular shade of blue or green). Some eggs are even a pinkish color!

    The color of the chicken has nothing to do with the color of the egg - there are white chickens that lay brown eggs, and vice versa.

    Preference for white or brown eggs often varies by geographic region. There are commercial egg laying strains for each color that lay far more eggs in a far shorter time than the average barnyard biddy. There are no differences in composition, taste or health benefits between white and brown eggs that are laid by battery chickens. Eggs laid by free ranging chickens on a diverse diet may be healthier for you than commercial eggs. They certainly taste better!

    Source(s): Many years of keeping chickens
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    What Chickens Lay White Eggs

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    Do chickens lay white eggs? Are eggs in the stores bleached white? or do chickens lay different colored eggs?

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    We used to have chickens, and we had white, brown, green, and speckled eggs. and from the same chicken.

    It depends.

    I think, but I'm not sure because I just heard this somewhere, but the chicken that lays the white eggs are the best layers, therefore egg companys use them the most.

    I'm not sure..

    I have gotten brown and green eggs in the store before tho..

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    Eggs are usually white or brown, but some chickens lay green eggs. It all depends on the type of chicken.

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    Chicken eggs can be white, brown or even pastel colors. Other birds lay various colors of eggs some with patterns. The emu egg, is bright turquoise green, very neat looking.

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    Generally a white hen lays a white egg. No eggs are not bleached. They maybe washed. Generally brown hens lay brown eggs. And there is no difference between brown eggs and white eggs except the egg shell color.

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    Sorry no that's what eggs are like here, get used to it. They do exactly the same thing, what difference does the shell colour make? What is white corn meal? And why do you need to buy pancake mix? It's called flour, eggs and milk.

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    The color of the eggs are based mostly on the diet of the bird. So yes they lay different colored eggs

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    It depends on the type of chicken. They can be white, brown or even blue depending on the region of the world you are in.

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