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What can you tell me about life in Houston, Texas???

Ok, so I just got accepted to South Texas College of Law in Houston and I'm sooooo excited! I'm still waiting to hear back from some other law schools, but for the time being, I'll be leaving Southern California for Houston, this August.

I've never been there, but I've been doing some research on it and it sounds great. But I'd realy like to get some personal information from people who have lived there and/or visited Houston. Tell me anything and everything...housing? prices? shopping? weather? social scene? diversity? even what the people there are like...?

Thanks Ya'll! Hehe! :o)

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    Congrats on your acceptance to a great school and welcome to Houston!

    The cost of living here is going to be a fraction of what it costs in CA. That's for sure. There is a ton of shopping but you will have to decide whether you want a regular mall or something upscale like the Galleria (Westheimer at Loop 610). There is even ice skating at the Galleria.

    The weather will probably be much more humid and even hotter than what you are used to. There is a huge social scene here, tons of clubs, bars, etc. There is something for everyone as it's very diverse here. Pick a country that you'd like to have food from and you can probably find it in Houston. The people here are very friendly and you'll find yourself standing in some random line listening to someone's life story, lol.

    There are museums, professional sports teams of all kinds, the theater district and we just love festivals here. Lots of artsy things. The international festival is once a year and is always pretty cool as the theme is a different country each year. We're a close commute to Galveston which has cleaned up quite a bit in recent years.

    You're only about 2 hours away from casinos in Louisiana and just a few short hours into the Texas Hill Country outside of Austin.

    If you make the most of it, there is a lot to do in Houston & the surrounding areas.

    Best of luck to you.

    PS...How could I forget, we are home to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo!!!!!! Just wait until you're down here next year and witness all of the horses on the roads as the trailriders make their way into Houston's Memorial Park. The Rodeo is a very big deal and you MUST get a visit next year while it's in town. Typically starts around the end of Feb or early March and runs a few weeks.

    And be careful down here. Texans have egos like nothing you have ever seen! We're just bred to be proud of our roots.

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    Pros: Lots to do! Something for everyone. Many forward thinking people. Many mixes of cultures. Great food and entertainment. Lots of opportunities for free fun, such as Miller Outdoor Theater and Hermann Park. Houston is close to Galveston Island, with a new waterpark and a free ferry ride. Also close to the Kemah boardwalk. Watersports abound. Armand Bayou Nature Center is great in the cooler weather. Winter is short! You can show off a different shade of toenail polish 300+ days a year. Houston ISD is in the dumpster, but there are great private schools everywhere. Cons: there are crime riddled areas, but they are easily avoided. Traffic can be timeconsuming, so many new families are moving into town rather than making a commute to the suburbs. Live close to work, problem solved. Humidity. Learn to live with the bad hair day that never ends. But even the humidity has a plus: fewer wrinkles!

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    The number one thing ya need to know is that houston is BIG!! you can find anything here. In the summer galveston is rocken the beach the bars n the partys. Downtown houston has some cool bars. People here for the most part are open minded and diverse but you have to watch out for 3rd and 5th ward those are the ghettos n their scary fo white folk haha. It is totally different from california for one people here drive crazy n have bad road rage. But houston is a great place to live. A one bed appt can run you round $550 but there is no food tax here so for the most part the cost of living is low.

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    Unlike all the illegals in NYC, Mizzzzzzzhollywood? Spare me.

    Houston is different things to different people. It is very large, very warm and sticky in the summer, and believe it or not, traffic is better than SoCal.

    Houston people are fairly laid back and can be quite friendly, but the town, despite a lack of zoning, is very regional. An intersection can unofficially define the boundary between two completely different neighborhoods (one good and one bad). We were inundated with the dregs of New Orleans after Katrina, and only some of them have gone home (some of the decent people of New Orleans who came here have stayed and fit in).

    Housing is cheap, between a third to a half of the price of a similar home in LA. Apartments are maybe half the price per square foot. We have plenty of places to shop, are littered with malls, and our shelves are stocked with things from all over.

    Houston is a hodgepodge city. People from every nation on Earth live here, thanks largely to the energy and medical industries. I can't tell you much about the social scene, being in my late 40s and married. As for diversity, that depends on your definition. Yes, we have people from all over the world, but the far left sociologist definition of diverrrrrrrsity falls flat here. While some of my neighbors are asian and a few are hispanic, my area (Memorial) is mostly white. Socio-ethnic groups, while some are spread out, mostly live with others like themselves. This happens nearly everywhere, so it shouldn't be a surprise. Still, for the most part, people get along.

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    Houston's diversity is AWESOME. So, that is great. The standard of living is very reasonable, so compared to California, you will live like a QUEEN! You can get a very nice apt for $850-$900. If you can go hire, you will be living the high life. Of course, there are bad areas of Houston, but stay away and focus on the areas like the Galleria, Rice Village, and Midtown and it will all be good!

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    Houston was named after the General Houston that defeated the Mexican army after the battle of the Alamo.

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    well it is pretty far south to where you dont get a lot of snow but watch out during hurrican season. you have the houston texans football and houston astros baseball there. its pretty diverse nice malls especially the galleria

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    The crime rate is out of control in Houston. I live in Austin...should have chosen UT Law School...J/K, Good Luck

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    well u might be suprised on how hood it can be..

    But Theirs also really nice hosues too!

    one thing though thats really gonna be annoying is TRAFFIC

    get ready for "nascar texas", kus people are idiots on the road

    watch Them!

    i live in dallas.. but everyone knows austin is Tha SHIIEEET

    good times

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    I find it ghetto and trashy. The interstates are run down and it just has this unclean feeling. Sugarland is nice, but it depends on what you like. If you like the club scene and those who work "only sometimes", may like H-town. College life may be ok, but to raise a family...i would not do reminds me of New Orleans.

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