how do i write a letter of recomendation?

what format, what kind of information to include.


Its for a student trying to get into college/trying to get a scholarship

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    You talk about how long you have known the student and in what capacity. Then you write about what you know about the student's good points, making sure to emphasize those things which will be important to the admissions/financial aid people (in other words, telling everyone how charming and pretty the student is won't help; telling them in detail about how good a student the person is and how much initiative s/he will take will). Use specific examples if you can - I like to talk about the student's particular role in a project s/he worked on, a presentation which was particularly impressive, or something like that. Finally, I tell them how proud they will be to count the students among their alumni in the future.

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    What you do is sound very polite in it and tell the university/ whoever your writing it to that your the students teacher or whatever your relationship to the student is and then what you do is that you should tell the reason why the kid should be picked out of all other kids to get in this school. then go on to say what this kid has achieved in his life so far and what difference he would make to the college byu them giving him a scholarship and what difference he has made in your skool so far. Hope I helped

  • 1 decade ago offense, but tell the student you can't do it. If information doesn't flood your mind about the student and make it easy to write a nice letter about the student, then he/she should find someone else.

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