help potty training?

My daughter will be 3 in May and she refuses to use the potty. This is my third child and I never had a problem with the other two now 15 and 11. I've tried the stickers and even saying if she uses the potty she'll get a prize but still nothing. about 6 months ago she would pee in the potty now she won't even do that. Please if you have any suggestions all will be taken into consideration. SICK OF CHANGING DIRTY DIAPERS

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    For my daughter, it meant so much to her to be able to use the toilet like she saw everyone else doing. I researched and found a safe stool with sides.

    This turned out to be perfect for her. She loved climbing up to the toilet all on her own and she was totally stable. This made all the difference and even now that she has been trained a long time she still uses this stool. Well worth it.

    Hope this helps.

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    Once Upon A Potty Doll (comes with potty for doll ) Once Upon A potty Book....i used it and it really does son was 18 months

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    What we are doing for our 2 1/2 year old is giving incentives. One...he loves spider we got him pull ups with spider man on in the morning he goes and grabs his spider man pull ups and knows that in order to wear them he has to use the potty first. After that, its candy...we still have left over conversation hearts from valentines day. So when I put him on the potty (about every 30mins at this point) and he goes he gets one convo heart. I know not every parent will agree with the bribing/incentive...but it works for us. If he is the one to initiate wanting to go potty he gets a bigger reward (like one of those mini popsicles)

    So find something she find irresistible and use it to your doesn't have to be can be anything.

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    Use real panties and old time rubber pants (to contain accidents)...When she wets herself make her responsible for cleaning up the mess (herself and the floor...obviously you go behind her and really clean)...

    I used mini-marshmallows to reward going on the potty (I have a no sugar house, so that was a huge treat!). Mine needed instant gratification they could care less about stickers....

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    My son had to make up his mind. I refused to chase him to put him on the pot. At this age they are aware that they have BM's and pee.

    Try those new pull up things that have the cooling cells in it. I don't think that she will want to have that coldness next to her girl parts.

    One of my mother's friends bought my son some decorated underwear for his 3rd birthday. He fell in love with them and did not want to get them "dirty". That was it. He only wore pull-ups at night after that.

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    try offer her some juice and say if you want juice or play outside, go to potty first then you can drink juice or play outside.

    my nephew, he have the same issues. he refuse to go but i told him, i said do you want some juice or give some mashmellows and he sat down and went poop and he eating mashmellows at same time. it worked.

    i hope that method works for your daughter also.

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