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Should the US split the Republicans and Democrats into many small political parties ?

This would enable better choices for presidential nominees.

Republicans should be divided into 3 smaller parties:

1) Socially Conservative Workers & Manufacturers Party(stronghold in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan)

2) The Family Values Party

This would represent the most conservative faction of the old Republican party. It would be very evangelical based and very much a party of personal responsibility, pay your own way, and anti-abortion, Strong military and defense.

3) The Pioneer Party

This would be the McCain/Gulliani faction of the old party. Fiscally conservative and libertarian, little if any focus on religious matters.

Democrats would be divided into two factions

1) The Community Building Party

This would gear towards improving infrastructure in our cities, improving education, improving conditions for minorities, increasing public sector jobs, etc.

2) Environment Party (would merge with Green Party)

Big focus on conservation, reducing waste

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    First of all, you face the problem of the parties not wanting to split and the right of free assocation guaranteed in the first amendment would be violated by such a split. Then again, anti-trust legislation has been used in such a way as to split up free association in businesses, so maybe possibly an anti-trust suit could do it.

    If you could find a justice department attorney willing to file the suit.

    If you could find a judge willing to take the case.

    Meanwhile if you succeeded in such a split, you undercounted the number of parties.


    1. Mercantilist Party, made of large industries who lobby for protectionism and government support. Ironically, they allied to the Union party.

    2. Security and Order Party, a very authoritarian wing dedicated to keeping this country safe from all threats, foreign or domestic.

    3. Theocratic Party, the religious right, who find themselves allied to the Security Party because they need to enforce religious laws.

    4. The remaining Republicans would join the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party.


    1. Union Party, supporting organized labor and economic protectionism, allied to the Mercantilist Party.

    2. Minority Rights, a militant authoritarian politically correct reverse racist party of bigots.

    3. Welfarists, who would absorb the many socialist parties.

    4. Many Democrats would join the Green Party, a bitter enemy of the Union Party.

    5. Civil Liberty Democrats, ACLU types, would join the Libertarian Party.

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    How about the Libertarian party?

    Most people claim to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative -well, that's Libertarian.

    I like a multi-party system though - it can't be more chaotic than the present system in which no matter what, we'll end up with a President that is tied to special interest groups and to various sets of principles that contradict each other.

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    There are many individual issues but only two real philosophical ideologies in America. Those are Liberal (all powerful central government-less liberty) and Conservative (smaller central government-more liberty).

    All of those other things are single issues that fall under the larger umbrellas. That is why you have only two major parties. It evolved that way. It was not done by rote. You can start as many political parties as you wish but none will ever reach the size and influence of the current two because of the reasons stated.


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    4 years ago

    Not a bad idea. But I would not say the "experiment" isn't working. Its only recently started to not work since more more and more power gets in the hands of the central government. I think a better idea would be to return the power to the states! Which in effect would be almost like having 50 smaller countries

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    Not likely. We were founded on a two party system and it has sustained us for over 200 years, it works and is the main reason that we can govern so a diverse country.

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    How would you propose splitting the parties? You would have to get them to agree to do it and I bet they won't. You cannot pass laws forcing them to split up. That would be a violation of the 1st Amendment. The parties have a right to decide what their views are. You cannot force them to split up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This would only create weeak and ineffective leadership along with chaos!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no then we would be France! though your forgot the Nazi party, and communist for the Republicans.

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