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Do health insurance companies cover homebirth?

What has been your experience/knowledge? Would the insurance company pay for the midwife or for equipment? Or would they claim it was too much of a risk and only pay for a hospital birth?

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    I guess you're in the States.

    I've had two homebirths in Ontario, Canada and our health plan took care of everything.

    I think to know for sure, you're going to have to contact your insurance company, as I'm sure they all have different policies. It seems ridiculous to me that they would not cover it, as statistically speaking, homebirth is safer then a hospital birth, especially when you get into post-birth complications or infections from being in a foreign germ ridden environment (the hospital that is, not your home). You naturally don't use pain meds, so there's a huge savings right there.

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    More insurance companies seem to be covering it now or atleast they offer more options. You would have to call the insurance company and ask because they each have their own policy in regards to what exactly is covered. I know that the medical card now covers midwives and alternative birthing centers, not sure about the homebirths though but they do have midwives on the list now for low risk patients. Highrisk patients are still required to see an OBGYN and go to a hospital.

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    There are some that do and some that don't. You really have to check around and make sure to ask that question. When I got pregnant they gave me a list of options that I could go for and names of all kinds of doctors and midwives in my area. Some of them were more religious, some non-biased. Some independent, some through the hospital. Check into planned parenthood or your city's health department or a health clinic and they may be able to help you narrow down what options are available to every one and you would just call and see if your insurance would be accepted or if your insurance covers it after you have made your choice.

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    some do... my midwife told me blue cross will cover a homebirth

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    No insurances wont cover a home birth due to the birth only for insurance!

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