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Ohio State: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

Love Em or Hate Em?

Love Em - Why?

- are you a Buckeye fan?

- are you an SEC fan?

Hate Em - Why?

- are you an SEC fan? (with their track record, you would think SEC fans like playing Ohio State)

- are you jealous because you wish your team was that good?

- are you a Michigan fan?

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    Buckeyes rule, great fans usually an underdog they are great

    To the ND fan I'm a fan of both teams.

    Why would an SEC fan hate them? If they beat us and hate us then they are mental defectives or something

    If someone hates a team just because they don't win the National Championship every year than they shouldn't even be watching sports. They get to the top consistently, and the who Big Ten Conference has real fans not just bandwagon fans because they are winning like the SEC does.

    Andrew T if you knew any less about sports they might not let you in here, is any of that information from somewere or did you just think it up in your head.

    GO BUCKS!!

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    lifelong buckeye fan. we have a great history and tradition, consistantly have competitive teams, we have a great coach, and a great recruiting class, even without T. Prior.

    Michigan fans, your greatest coach, Bo schembo, was a Buckeye coaching student of woody, how wack is that? get your own coaches!

    T.J, You obviously have met some bad apples, but don't act like we are the only school that has em. if you hated notre dame, and lived in south bend, you would be overwhelmed with the same stuff. and, nothing says class like the cinci bengals right?

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    Ohio State.

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    Both. How you may ask?

    Hate em' for 11 games during the season except..

    Love em' when they play Michigan from now on. I wanna see em absolutely crush UM. It's actually not because I don't like UM, it's the coach. Rich Fraudriguez.

    TJ hit the nail right on the head. I don't live in Columbus but live close. I've been saying what he said for years. Thank you TJ.

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  • Love 'em

    Few schools can match the tradition, pageantry, and sucess the Buckeyes have contributed to college football. Like 'em or not, you have to give OSU credit where credit is due. Also has produced more NFL players than most other schools in the last 5 years. (Top 3 or 4 at least)

    oh yeah, and I'm a Notre Dame fan, too. One of those few schools who can top OSU in tradition and pageantry...

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    because i am from ohio (40 minutes from Columbus) and there is nothing like going to shoe on a saturday and watching the buckeyes clean house.

    and btw ppl can say what they want about the buckeyes and their sec opponents but the fact is our record is 73-15 since tressel began coaching

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    Hate Em

    Not an SEC fan, Not a Michigan fan, and Not Jealous of their record.

    I live in Columbus Ohio, and find their fanbase to be made up of the most assinine Homers in creation. No grasp of reallity...halfway through last seasons the fans dropped their little chant of it's a rebuilding year...and actually thought they'd earned first after beating KENT ST! Suddenly they didn't back into becuase of a silly high pre-season rating (lose half your team after getting raped on National TV by Florida, and get ranked 12th still? C'mon...get over yourselves)

    And after yet another embarrasing you guys want to go back to the "it was a rebuilding year" cry. Well which was it? Was it a rebuilding year, and you backed into the Champ which case you deserve no props..... or where they "That Good" and got spanked by LSU? Which is it?

    I like Tressell. I like the Team....... I HATE YOUR ARROGANT, IGNORANT fanbase.

    Source(s): BTW... Notre Dame fan... honestly that has nothing to do with my dislike of the Buckeyes. That Fiesta Bowl was a good game, and the better team won. I'm actually a big AJ Hawk fan. I simply dislike the attitude of the school, and the region. I wish the team also showed a little more class (picking a fight with the Illini cuz ya lost... oh grow UP!)
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    Don't love 'em or hate 'em. I am in ACC country, so I pull for the ACC!! Not a Michigan fan either.

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    Yes love them they are my favorite school i might go their and play i don't know yet but their history is amazing and i hate Michigan. As for the SEC, well its simple the greatest conference in sports history i love Tennessee also thats where i live. As for LSU have fun because you have lost everyone that helped yall last year and you will be horrible next year especially playing the SEC

    Source(s): myself
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    I am leaning on the HATE EM side, they are the yankees of the NCAA, they spend the most out of any college on scholarships for sports, and they are always going to championships (and recently have been losing all of them... to FLORIDA) I am from Michigan however I dont like any particular college team, I just root for one in a Big game, and it seems like I always root agianst Ohio State. So in Summary HATE EM cause I am jealous that I dont have a passion for them winning games.

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