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When someone calls u "Boss" what does that mean?

I'm talking about people that don't even know u.

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    He's acknowledging that you're "in charge" in some way.

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    I believe people will use this word in a clever condescending way, it doesn't mean they are putting you above them by calling you the boss, it is really meant to insult you without you realizing it, it's like when people call you ace or Hoss which I really hate because Hoss is another word for cracker, these words are used like daggers from the person saying it, it is meant to belittle you. Sometimes they could be used in an innocent way but usually they are attack words.

    People with a superiority complex or someone that is insecure will use this on a victim to remind themselves that they are somebody. When someone calls me Boss it is usually someone in some low life job, so I sometimes reply, "I'm not your boss".

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    I believe this depends on the context in which it is used...

    If someone says it while you are having a disagreement or says it in a condescending way, they're likely trying to insult you and express that you feel like you're "tough."

    However, I use it very frequently in my daily life as a friendly word. To cashiers I'll say "thanks boss" if they're male. I also say it to my friends; "What's up boss?" "You got it boss"

    If people mistake your tone they might assume you're trying to be rude, so if you have issues with your tone I would stick to "sir or Ma'am"

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    Its mostly used by people who have done time in jail or prison in the south. It sounds like a term of endearment but it's really a backwards acronym that is an insult. Sorry Son Of a ***** is what it stands for. The inmates called us Boss or Bossman all the time.

    Source(s): A Deputy Sheriff that used to work in corrections.
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    This is just a common address used in some areas in the same way as "mate" or "pal" is used in others. It doesn't usually imply that the speaker infers any status on the recipient.

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    I am in my 50's and i have been called "Boss" by complete strangers for the past 20+ years and fairly regularly. They have almost always been younger males in the service industry (mostly sales clerks). Every single time i have taken it as simply a friendly and respectful greeting. Never did it feel condescending. I don't know if they say this to every male elder, but i have always been stocky/built and confident. Perhaps that is their way of saying "how can i help you guy" or "sure thing mister". I certainly think by reading the situation I could tell if it was meant as sarcasm or disrespectful.

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    definitely a condescending term....its a form of passive mockery used when a person who thinks you are weak but is yet envious of your position in life financially because they think they deserve to in your shoes instead of the piece **** position they are in....only people who are angry cowardly people use such a term because they dont have the balls to tell you how much they hate their own life and would trade places with you in a heartbeat....the only way to remedy this problem is to rub it in at their expense....since they are asking for it, give them what they want and make them feel like the piece of **** they are.

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    It's like calling someone "bro" or "dude".

    Imo, it's more like a slang for "sir"(because it sounds respectful).

    I heard that "boss" got started in prison, but lots of ppl use it.

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    You have to read the attitude of the person who says it each time to see if it is condescending or not. Terms of endearment are usually condescending.

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    It depends on the state you're in.....over here in Cali "boss" means you're making good moves/ getting things done/ accomplishing big things (lilke Kelis's song "I'm Bossy") other states it means a really nice person/ if someone says "what's up boss?" means "whats up friend" a "bro", "dude", or "pal" or "homie"!!!

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    Boss is updated slang. It used to be Cap'n.

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