Do you think prostitution should be legal in the United States?

I think it should be legal to sell your body in exchange for goods and services. This is an untapped market! Besides people give it away for FREE all the time. And some people do receive goods and services and don't report it....

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    We sell our labor every day at perfectly respectable and legal jobs. My employers pay me for my time and efforts, the services I can provide. That's all a prostitute is doing. We don't need to approve of prostitution in order for us to support its legality. And because prostitution is illegal, there's no legal recourse if a prostitute is raped or robbed.

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    Prostitution is very legal in some states in the US - or maybe just in Nevada? Although I find it disgusting, I do agree with you. There are many females that sleep around for free and there are many men that sleep around for free - so why should it be illegal for someone to get paid when they still do what majority of people in the US are already doing? As far as I recall (I did a paper on prostitution for a social services class) the places where prostitution is legalized, the prostitutes have regular check ups to make sure they are safe and free of STDs, etc. and people can go into brothels and hook up with someone safe. I believe that the guys had to be tested as well before getting paired up with a hooker. Not sure though.

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    Untapped market? Where have you been for the past 5000 years?

    In a democracy, you have to think about the "majority's" views, not the minority's. [yes, you are the minority in your reasoning this]. Our constitution enables "certain" rights, not "all" rights.

    It is against the basic morals of the family unit, which most civilized countries, including the USA strive to live by. It is still rampant because of the constant breakdown of values.

    In a purely economic view, the govt would have to allow the Insurance companies to skyrocket the already high premiums because of the disease "potential" for it's policyholders, just as they have for tobacco in the past 25 years. This is spread out over everyones premiums, whether they use/used tobacco or not.

    Source(s): Retired Insurance exec
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    if prostitution was completely legal (not loophole legal like it is now) it would probably be regulated more by the government.

    It would also take a significant portion of the "criminal element" that's attached to it now. The girls wouldn't have to do it on the fringes and be connected to gangs/drugs/etc.

    I think that there are some significant legitimate arguments in making it legal, but it's still ambiguous at best, and in reality would never happen.

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    We'd probably be making it a lot safer for a lot of prostitutes usually forced into this via drugs and such. And perhaps the STDs could be checked up on (by who though?). Technically, there's nothing wrong with it, since a physiotherapist uses parts of her/his body to help others.

    But then, there's the moral decay and soaring divorce rates to deal with. And should there be some STD outbreak, well, wildfire over dry brush.

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    There is no "US" law that prohibits prostitution nationwide.

    47 States outlaw it completely, 2 allow prostitution but not soliciting or advertising, and Nevada allows it in licensed brothels in rural counties.


  • 1 decade ago

    It basically is already..Besides if it was completely legal the government would take it's cut.

  • 1 decade ago

    NO!!!, it is smearing, defiling, and desecrating our image as Americans. This is a big reason why other countries look down on us. This is not something personal ; it destroys our image as a WHOLE nation.

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    1 decade ago

    It should be up to the states, like it is now.

  • mhiaa
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    1 decade ago

    Last I knew, it already was. Varies from state to state.

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